Rogaine: Hair Loss Remedy For Both Men And Women

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Rogaine: Hair Loss Remedy For Both Men And Women by Alan Anderson

Millions across the globe share the concern of hair loss, including both men and women. Hair loss can be caused due to various factors including genetic factors amid others. Hair loss has surfaced as one of the most common problem people deal with in the contemporary world. Rogaine can help you to wage a war against hair loss problems with ease.

Rogaine is primarily a brand name for minoxidil, which belongs to the class of hair growth stimulants. It is the first FDA endorsed hair loss solution, offered by Pfizer which is accessible in a solution form. Rogaine works for both men and women in an effectual manner. It works on your hair follicles rather than on your hair. The mechanism of Rogaine is based on the principle of facilitating the blood flow into the cells of the scalp, which grow hair or it may enhance the amount of actively growing cells. In accordance to clinical studies, use of Rogaine is also useful for hereditary hair loss. Among men, Rogaine can aid hair growth at the back of the scalp whereas among women it stimulates hair growth in the forehead area.

This medication should be rubbed gently into the scalp. This approach ensures a thorough coverage of the thinning area. Ensure your scalp is dry when applying Rogaine as it better absorbs in the scalp to display positive hair re-growth. Rogaine medication should be applied once in the morning and once in the night before you go to bed. Abstain for Rogaine application to any other area of the body besides the scalp. If you miss a dose, do not attempt to compensate by over dosage, as it would not be beneficial. Use Rogaine medication as directed by your doctor. It takes around 8 weeks for visible hair re-growth results.

While using Rogaine you may encounter increase in hair loss during the initial stages of Rogaine treatment. Do not panic as this is an indication of effectiveness of this medication, constituting a part of hair growth cycle. Usage of Rogaine by Women is beneficial in treating diffuse hair and thinning of scalp in the frontal areas. The good news for women is that Rogaine can be used along with colour-treated or permed hair.

During the Rogaine treatment, care should be taken to be gentle to your hair. Avoid usage of harsh or heavy formulation shampoos and other hair products along with Rogaine medication. Quality hair products should be indulged in to ensure healthy hair.

Regular use of Rogaine can maximize your chances of treating the concern of hair loss. You can procure Rogaine through various online pharmacies. The online shopping facility can enable you to expedite and ease your purchase for Rogaine. Just a simple click of your mouse can facilitate to get this hair loss medication at your doorstep. It should be noted that Rogaine is available only doctors' prescription.

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