Some Hair Loss Humour

Some Hair Loss Humour by Greg OK

Dear balding comrades,

We get tons of wight and kilojoules of negativity out there in relation to hair loss every day, all the time. I have had enough, and I want to do something about it. I think that we really should look at the bright side of our lives, and hence this article appeared.

There is a positive message in what I am about to say about the way our hair is, and here it goes:

1. Well, technically (hormonally) speaking, we are moreso males than those who have got a full head of hair! Since hair loss is caused by a violent male hormone testosterone being converted in our bodies to DHT - Dihydrotestosterone, if we are losing our hair then it means we have more of the male hormone in our body.

Not really related but still quite interesting fact: 100% of castrated males never lose their hair, as they do not produce the testosterone.

2. We have a better chance of advancement in our careers.

Studies prove that males affected by baldness are statistically more likely to succeed in their career. It is hard to establish exactly why this is the case, but likely cause is that the excess testosterone makes males more aggressive and assertive.

3. French women adore bald guys.

Well, we like French women too! Remember in 1998, Soccer World Cup final in France. Bald player named Zinedine Zidane became an instant soccer sex symbol after he scored two oals in the final. Noone cared that he was bald!

An interesting website - BaldGuyz - publishes polls where women choose the bald man of the week.

4. No more annoying visits to the hairdressers

Why not take the money that you would have spent on your haircut and spend it where it belongs - I can think of a million ways, but here's a few to start - Playstation 3, golf, case of beer, I am sure you can think of a few more!

If you are really keen to try and grow hair back, then of course you could consider using one of the proven medications - such as Rogaine, Propecia or Spectral DNC. They do work. The thing is though - it will cost you money, and once you stop using it, the hair will fall out again. So for those who are game enough - just shave it off and get some sun! Embrace your genes and thank your grandfather! Hope you had a smile reading this.

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