Is Hair Loss All In the Genes?

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Is Hair Loss All In the Genes? by Brian Welsch

t is something that most men�"and even some women�"have to deal with at some point in their lives. There are many myths and facts concerning hair loss--but just what is fact and what is fiction? Is hair loss only genetic, and how do you know if you’re more likely to go bald? The questions that you’ve always been afraid to ask are perhaps the most important ones of all.

Hereditary Hype

The myths about hair loss begin with one that boys begin hearing in their teen years: you are more likely to go bald if the men on your mother’s side of the family are bald. Though this is true to an extent, the statement can be somewhat misleading.

Not all hair loss is hereditary. There are many different causes of baldness; however, permanent-pattern baldness is caused by genetics. Permanent-pattern baldness is most commonly found in males�"in fact, it is the most common cause of hair loss in males. The earlier men begin to lose their hair, the more receding their hairline will eventually become. On average, men with permanent-pattern baldness begin noticing hair loss around the age of 24; however, it can begin as early as the teenage years and is almost always seen by age 35.

Permanent-pattern hair loss is not only restricted to men. In some cases, women can develop female-pattern baldness. This results in the thinning of the hair all over the scalp.

So is the myth about the men on the mother’s side of the family true, or not? Well, it is true to a degree. Studies done on the statement indicate that there is a correlation, but in the end the genes on both sides of the family play a role.

Not Just Genetic

Genes are not the only cause of hair loss. Other causes might include: stress, illness, surgery, hormones, and medicine. In these cases, it is often possible to avoid or stop hair loss by contacting your doctor. He or she will be able to identify what is ultimately causing you to lose your hair and help you take steps to stop it.

Thanks A Lot, Dad!

You can inherit many positive attributes from your parents, like their eyes, smile, or athletic ability. However, one thing you might not be happy about inheriting is baldness. However, until a treatment is developed for permanent-pattern baldness, genetic hair loss is just that�"permanent!

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