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Hair Loss Remedy Articles : A Natural Hair Loss Remedy by Paul Taylor

A natural hair loss remedy has now been developed from the true cause of androgenetic alopecia - Skull Expansion. This article explains how Skull Expansion was discovered and how simple self-help techniques completely reversed my own hair loss.

Some simply accept their fate. But, for many others, androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness or MPB) is an embarrassing and alarming condition. I know all this because, back in 1989, I was one such person!

When I first noticed hair loss, it frustrated and annoyed me. But, before long, I had become obsessed and depressed by it. The prospect of becoming totally bald at the age of 23 was something I quite simply refused to accept (vanity in your twenties can do things like that!) There had to be a hair loss remedy, and I had to find it!

Obviously my first approach was to ask the experts. But, being very technically minded, my questions were, perhaps, somewhat different from those they usually faced.

I wanted to know why the rate and region of hair loss can vary. For example, some people lose hair at the front (receding temples), others develop a bald patch at the back, and some suffer hair loss throughout the MPB region of the scalp. I also knew that androgenetic alopecia can start at any age from puberty onwards, and that this process may be extremely rapid or much more gradual. I asked what caused all these variations.

I had also noticed that, in some cases, hair continues to grow thick and strong despite baldness all around it. I wanted this observation explained to me.

Finally, I asked how could it be that DHT (dihydrotestosterone) has been linked to both hair loss and hair growth. (DHT causes facial hair, body hair, etc to grow at puberty).

I considered these questions extremely relevant to the hair loss process and, as such, quite straightforward for a hair specialist to answer. But, every trichologist or dermatologist I asked simply brushed these questions aside saying that it doesn't really matter where or when male pattern baldness starts, the most important thing is how to deal with it.

Whilst this sounded fair enough at first, those questions kept haunting me. They were important, and so should have been answered. I also found it very surprising and disappointing that they weren’t answered because it gave the impression that these people didn’t fully understand the hair loss mechanism.

And, if they didn’t know, how could I ever rid myself of this problem?

I've never approved of drugs, lotions or transplants, so conventional treatment was out of the question. (The way I see it, a natural problem should have a natural solution). I had to find a different hair loss remedy -- even if that meant doing it on my own!

So I then focused on finding the answers to my questions (believing that they would reveal the true mechanism behind androgenetic alopecia). I started what was to become seven years of research, reasoning and testing. This was extremely painstaking work, but eventually I began to understand where all those hair loss professionals and standard theories for androgenetic alopecia were going wrong.

These standard theories include the following:

1. DHT receptor sites
2. Sebum overproduction and inadequate hygiene
3. Poor nutrition
4. Stress

However, none of these theories can answer all of those previous questions. (And, as such, they should be now be considered as factors affecting the hair loss process, and not the underlying cause).

The true cause of androgenetic alopecia is Skull Expansion.

As soon as you understand a problem, you can then start work on a solution. So, from the theory behind Skull Expansion, I began developing simple techniques and regimes that could be used to counteract the hair loss process. I had to experiment of course, and ended up trying several ideas. But, eventually, I found success -- a method that really worked. It was amazing -- I had finally found the hair loss remedy I had spent seven years looking for.

Within about three months of use I had begun growing thick, strong, healthy hair on my scalp (i.e., not simply vellus hair).

And today, over a decade later, I still enjoy a full head of hair.

Most people believe that hair loss is such a daunting obstacle to overcome, that no natural method can ever deny this process and restore permanent scalp hair. But, having now completely reversed this condition for myself, it seems that a natural problem like male pattern baldness can have a natural solution after all!

About the Author
Paul Taylor completely reversed the androgenetic alopecia he suffered using safe, natural techniques that were developed from the Skull Expansion theory. These self-help techniques can now be used to stop hair loss and grow thick, strong, healthy scalp hair. To find out more, visit www.top-hair-loss-remedy.com/alopecia.html

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