Natural Hair Loss Remedies That Really Work

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Natural Hair Loss Remedies That Really Work By: Raphael

Hair is a slender threadlike outgrowth of protein on the skin of the skull. The hair is a reflection of our way of life! As soon as we stressed, tired, sick, it has an impact on our hair. It becomes dull, brittle, and sometimes fall. The hair falls (45 to 60 per day) and renewed permanently. This type of hair loss is normal, every one experiences it once a while. The normal hair loss occurs mostly in the late summer and spring. A hair loss of more than 60 hairs per day is considered excessive; it disserves attention.

Alopecia is any type of hair loss. However, there are many types of hair loss: androgenic alopecia or male-pattern baldness (the most common form of hair loss in both men and women), alopecia areata (a recurrent nonscarring type of hair loss that can affect any hair-bearing area) telogen effluvium, a type of hair loss caused mostly by poor diet, stress, medication, childbirth, febrile illness and surgical operation. In this type of hair loss, the hair comes back after the causes are treated or stopped. Hair loss during chemotherapy is a type of telogen effluvium. In the case of chemotherapy for instance, the hair grow back within two months.

Causes of male pattern baldness

Hereditary balding is the most common cause of hair loss; that is, you are inherited hair loss from either your mother�s or father's gene. Certain men are genetically predisposed to male pattern hair loss. In this case, the hair fall due the effect of hormones on the hair follicle that produces male pattern baldness. Stress has often been involved in the occurrence of hair loss, but has not been confirmed by scientific studies. However, we are all victims of stress induced by the events of daily life, we must assume the role of stress when hair loss occurs in the weeks following an emotion with an intensity abnormally high.

Poor nutrition - Good nutrition is vital to healthy hair growth. Having inadequate protein or iron in your diet can cause you to experience hair loss. Lack of vitamins in your diet can lead to hairloss. For instance, recent researches reveal that Folic Acid helps maintain healthy hair, nails and skin. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, enhances scalp circulation. Many researchers confirm that Vitamin B12 helps prevent hair loss. Note, increasing those vitamins intake in your diet may take from 2 to 3 months to produce visible results in your hair's condition. Natural hair loss treatment requires patience.

Other causes of hair loss - Localized hair loss occurs mostly in male pattern androgenetic alopecia, infections by fungi, Traction alopecia (trichotillomania, braids and hair straightening) or scarring alopecia (caused by cutaneous lupus erythematosus, folliculitis, cicatricial alopecia, Postmenopausal frontal fibrosing alopecia). Localized hair loss can be also caused by certain tumors (basal cell carcinoma, epidermoid carcinoma)

Conventional Treatment

Hair Transplant - This chirurgical method, the most common, requires no hospitalization or general anesthesia. It involves extracting roots and hair follicles from the donor area (a small strip of scalp generally located at the back of the head). This area is never the subject of hair loss.
Natural Treatment

Herbal Remedies - Why use expensive hair transplant surgery to restore your hair while you can get your hair back naturally and for less. Our hair loss herbal remedies are blend of carefully chosen herbal ingredients known for their beneficial effect on circulation, hormonal and thyroid functioning, thereby promoting hair and nail growth. Used regularly, it can improve the strength and quantity of hair by stimulating and nourishing the tiny hair follicles to produce stronger, more abundant hair and by slowing down abnormal hair loss. Those supplements have an excellent blend of nourishing nutrients that block the DHT in the body. They prevent hair loss and promote regrowth of hair follicles. They supplies nutrients for growth of healthy thick hair. To learn more about Our Hair loss Herbal remedies, please visit our his natural hair loss remedies website

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Hair Loss: a Cause for Concern

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Hair Loss: a Cause for Concern By: Corwin Brown

The thinning of hair on the scalp is known as hair loss. In medical terminology it is referred to as alopecia which can be temporary or permanent. The most common form of hair loss occurs gradually and is known as androgenetic alopecia, a combination of hormones and heredity.

Other types of hair loss include alopecia areata, telogen affluvium and traction alopecia. Age is the most prominent cause of hair loss in both men as well as women, but is generally found to be more prominent in men.

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. A single hair comprises of a hair strand, a root below the skin and a follicle from which the hair grows. The hair bulb is located at the lower end of the follicle which produces the hair�s pigment color or melanin.

It is normal to lose an average of 50-100 hairs a day as they tend to grow back in the same follicle. But if you are experiencing unusual or more hair loss accompanied by visibly thin or balding patches you need to visit your doctor. It is necessary to take sound medical advice and determine the exact reason for hair loss. Correct diagnosis will lead to the correct treatment and can aid in rectifying any underlying causes for the loss of hair.

Causes for Hair Loss:
There are several reasons for hair loss ranging from genetic tendencies and hormonal imbalance to ill health and poor nutrition. Some of the causes of hair loss are:

Alopecia Areata: This is an autoimmune skin disease which triggers the damage of hair follicles by a person�s own immune system. It causes hair loss on the scalp as well as elsewhere on the body. Research shows that over 4 million people are affected by alopecia areata in the United States alone. The disease is said to affect 1.7 per cent of the population at the global level.

Alopecia areata begins as a single or multiple round bald patches on the scalp and can lead to complete hair loss. It can affect both men and women and often begins in childhood. The hair usually grows back in a period of 6 months to 2 years, except for a few cases.

Androgenetic alopecia: This is also called male-pattern baldness and affects the majority of men. Androgenetic alopecia is caused by a number of factors including hormones called androgens and genetic causes. Some males begin to show signs of hair loss in their mid teens. This type of hair loss can also occur due to intake of steroids like testosterone used in body building.

Medical conditions and hormonal imbalance: Hair loss can also be triggered by endocrine (hormonal) conditions affecting the body such as diabetes or thyroid. People with kidney and liver disorders can also experience excessive hair loss. Young girls and women might experience hair loss due to the hormone imbalance that occurs in polycystic ovary syndrome.

Telogen effluvium: Women often experience excessive shedding of hair after childbirth. Hair loss can also result after fever, a long term illness, surgery, intake of anesthesia or sudden weight loss. This type of hair loss is usually temporary and corrects itself with time.

Medications: Certain medications also have hair loss as a side effect like lithium, isotretinoin, diet pills and chemotherapy drugs. Prolonged intake of these drugs can lead to total hair loss.

Trichotillomania: It is a psychological disorder where people repeatedly pull their hair out. This results in bald patches and hair damage. People suffering from this disorder need professional help and medication.

Poor nutrition: A poor diet can also result in hair loss. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are known to initiate hair loss. It is important for the body to get sufficient proteins, vitamins and minerals in order to sustain hair growth. A balanced diet is essential for hair growth along with the correct amount of supplements.

Hair treatments: Regular hair styling and exposure of hair to harsh chemicals such as hair dyes, bleaching creams, hair gels, hair straightening and perming ingredients can result in temporary or permanent hair loss. This can also result in permanent baldness in some cases. Wearing your hair pulled back extremely tightly that it places tension on the scalp is called traction alopecia and can result in permanent hair damage if the style is worn for a long period of time.

Hair Care Tips:
� It is important to take good care of your hair in order to avoid hair loss. It is necessary to intake a healthy diet rich in all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for hair growth to sustain beautiful hair for a longer time.

� Use shampoos that are mild such as baby shampoos as they are less harsh on the hair in comparison to the stronger ones. Do not change your shampoo on a regular basis. Shampooing more than once in a day leads to hair damage. Lather your hair gently and do not dry it vigorously with a towel.

� Let your hair dry naturally; avoid using a blow drier every now and then. Regular use of blow drier results in hair damage and the hair loses most of its natural luster.

� Style your hair only when it�s dry. Brushing or combing wet hair can cause it to stretch and break.

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair. Thus, it is essential to take proper care of it and consult a good doctor in case of excessive hair loss. The secret to having a well nourished mane lies in a healthy diet, keeping fit and going low on chemicals.

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Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Herbal Hair Loss Treatment By: Paulina Jenkins

There are new hopes for those men and women who suffer from hair loss. Today there are an increased number of hair loss treatment options. Each hair loss treatment has a different success rate. With this medical condition it is best to seek a hair loss treatment at the onset of unusual hair loss. Very often if this disorder is not attended to it could eventually lead to baldness.

Minoxidil is a topical FDA approved hair loss treatment for women sold as Rogaine. This hair loss treatment is a pre-mixed solution in liquid form. This baldness hair loss treatment is applicable for both men and women. However, it tends to be more a mens hair loss treatment. Side effects are rare but often subside when the baldness hair loss treatment stops. Acne, headaches, blurred vision and lightheadness are some of the possible side effects. People who suffer from chest pains, palpitations, sudden weight gain, and fainting and heart problem should avoid using this hair loss treatment.

Finasteride is another FDA approved hair loss treatment for women and men and it is sold under drug names of Propecia and Proscar. Propecia is a pill that has to be taken orally everyday. It is mainly a mens hair loss treatment. Women who are pregnant must refrain from using Finasteride. Very often this baldness hair loss treatment can cause side effects. Rash, hives, itching, ejaculation problem, testicular pain and breast tenderness are some the common side effects. Propecia has a success rate of 80% as reported by its users. Propecia and Rogaine only work for hair loss occurring at the crown.

For those who have the money to spend there are permanent natural hair loss treatments such as hair weaving and hair transplants. In most cases people only resort to these hair loss treatments after achieving no results with other baldness hair loss treatments.

Laser hair loss treatment is another method that is available on the market today. This baldness hair loss treatment is most suitable for those who have just begun losing hair. Of course, there is always the hairpiece option which is readily available and not costly.

However hair loss treatments that use pharmaceutical medicines and surgery are expensive and come with some risks and harmful side effects. Hair loss in men is mainly caused by the male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body. In the case of women the causes could be either childbirth or hormones or hereditary thinning (alopecia) or menopause or hormone imbalance. Drug free hair loss treatment is clearly the best hair loss treatment possible as an alternative for conventional drugs, medications or surgery. Herbal hair loss treatment products are free of side effects and very affordable. These hair loss treatment herbal supplements have proven effective in stopping, preventing hair loss and stimulate regrowth of hair.

On the market there are excellent hair loss treatment herbal products that can be used by both men and women. For centuries drug free hair loss treatment herbs have been used by different cultures. Saw palmetto, rosemary, grape seed, bilberry and nettle are probably the most effective and popular herbal hair loss treatment herbs. These hair loss treatment herbal products blend special nutrients and herbs to inhibit DHT and to promote the regrowth of hair. To cure baldness, to stop hair loss and to regrow hair the hormone DHT in the body must be suppressed in men. For women the drug free hair loss treatment must be able to promote the growth of hair follicles.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Hair Loss Treatment By: Paul Rodgers

Some men don't think that hair loss treatments are a subject worthy of their attention; that is, until they start seeing more hair in the sink, or in the tub, than they see on their head.

It is estimated that nearly thirty percent of all people suffering from hair loss or hair loss symptoms and in need of hair loss treatments are indeed women. There are a variety of female hair loss reasons and for a woman it can be devastating but in most cases hair loss treatments are very effective.

Traditional herbs that are useful as natural hair loss treatments are green tea, liquorice extract,
horsetail, ginger, psoralea seeds, apple cider vinegar, rosemary and sage tea. Provillus� Natural Hair Loss Treatments are clinically proven to re-grow hair and use the only FDA approved ingredients for treating thinning hair.

If you are genetically or hormonally set on the path of losing hair, nutrition alone might not be enough to prevent it, but it will slow down the hair loss, and will also help with regrowth of lost hair. If you are looking for the best hair regrowth products, always remember to use treatments that contain active ingredients that are known to be effective in treating hair loss.

For most men suffering from Alopecia Areata, or male pattern baldness, 5% Minoxidil is usually required to achieve satisfactory hair regrowth. There is no need for women to use the Saw Palmetto with the Hair Regrowth Solution as your requirements are different to men. Provillus Hair Regrowth Solution provides the best results in treatment of hereditary hair thinning and hair
loss both in men and women ensuring them with thick and luxurious hair.

Hair loss, especially that seen from male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, and chemotherapy treatments, occurs when a healthy hair follicle is
damaged or enters a prolonged dormant stage. If you've decided you need to do something to reverse hair loss, but you want something cheaper and more
natural than drugs, laser treatments, plugs, or transplants, what are your alternatives. Male hair loss treatments are available as topical applications like minoxidil, which is applied on the scalp. Another of the better-known herbal hair loss treatments is green tea, which you may also have sitting in you kitchen.

Doctor recommended hair loss treatments are a better option as they are prescribed according to individual hair loss problems. The first thing doctors do when dealing with hair loss treatments is to try and figure out the possible reasons behind a patient's hair loss problem and recommend treatments based on their hair texture and condition. Normally the hair loss treatments recommended by doctors for men and women are different because of hair growth.

It is observed that Proscar and Rogaine are the most commonly prescribed hair loss treatments by doctors for men whereas Minoxodil proves to be helpful for both men and women. The only FDA-approved commercial hair loss treatments are minoxidil and finasteride, and these products have limited effectiveness. Natural hair loss treatments don�t have an immediate effect but they don�t have side effects either.

Hair loss treatments are generally classified as either medical or oral and topical treatments. Once you have determined what the cause or causes are of your hair loss problem, you are then able to move on and make the most informed decision in terms of which hair loss treatments are going to be most suitable for you. Provillus Hair Regrowth Solution is a healthy supplement based on only natural FDA-approved ingredients which helps men and women with specific hair ailments like thinning or hair loss.

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Hair Loss Best Solution

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Hair Loss Best Solution by Karl Ross

When addressing a problem, any problem, 50% of the solution is accurate diagnostic of what exactly is the problem. Such accurate diagnostic of your boldness status will supply you with the tools to fight back, stop hair loss, and regain your thick hair.

Every hair follicle has life cycle of between two and six years, which ends with the hair falling and a new one replacing it. 90% of the hair is at the growing stage, ANAGEN, at this stage the hair grows about 0.3 mm everyday and it last three years. The next stage is resting, KATAGEN, at this stage the hair does not grow and stay static for three weeks. The last stage takes place when the hair falls, TELOGEN, it can take up to three months to the hair to fall. Normally, at this stage new hair is growing.

The average person loses between 50 to 100 hairs daily. The hair grows about one CM a month. Blond people have more hairs, about 140,000, in compare to darker hair people who have 90,000. Old people tend to lose more hairs then growing them back. Hair loss is usually diagnostic when large areas of the scalp are left with only thin hair. Usually people notice hair loss when they comb, or at the shower. The hair loss results from the pressure on the hairs during these activities, and not necessarily indicates that you have hair loss problem. One way to test if we are losing our hair is to pull your hair if you end up with more than 4-5 hairs in your hand you might have a problem. Another test is counting the hairs on your pillow in the morning. More than 8 hairs are indication to serious hair loss.

Women and men lose hair differently. Among men hair loss is usually related to hormones and genetics. It is a hereditary phenomenon which could jump over generations. While women, suffer from a larger variety of reasons. Hereditary is the main reason, as with men, and more reasons like: cold weather, high fever diseases, infective diseases, lack of protein, depression, high cholesterol, and more.

Hairs on the pillow are usually a result of hereditary, typical men oriented. Another symptom, is losing hair from the forehead, AGA, the hair becomes downy and thin until it completely falls off. According to popular estimations about 70% of men suffer from boldness by the age of fifty. About 25% of women under forty suffer from hair loss, and 50% over fifty suffer from thin hair look.

Now you probably say: OK we need help, where can we get it? Look for natural solutions. Keep looking until you find the best one for you. Do not stop looking for you will find a good solution eventually.

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Halt That Hair Loss Now!

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Halt That Hair Loss Now! by Kingsley Okpoh

Research has shown that both men and women suffer significant hair loss at some point in their lives. Although hair loss is not health or life threatening, it is known to cause serious problems with some people's self confidence and psyche generally. Unfortunately just like in the case of aids, there has been no absolute cure found yet for hair loss problems. It has however been found out that many of the causes of hair loss are hereditary in nature. This not withstanding, there are also many preventive measures that one can take in order to maintain a healthy hair and scalp. It has also been discovered that although both men and women suffer significant hair loss, men seem to suffer more from this problem generally.

It is worthy of note to mention here that the study of hair loss did not start today. It has been on-going through the ages and as a result, some real interesting discoveries were made.

Take the case of eunuchs for example. Yes those males who have been castrated and who cannot reproduce. Do you know that they never ever went bald? Even those who were castrated as a result of accidents in battle! This of course was the first indication that testosterone had something to do with hair loss.

In the course of the study of the problem of hair loss, some other facts have been unearthed and consequently, some solutions found to halt the trend. One major fact discovered is that the high consumption of fatty food and consequently the increase of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a chemical produced by the body have been found to cause hair loss. Practical clinical examinations have proved this to be to be an undeniable fact.

The good news therefore is that one does not have to be a icon in Mathematics to know that one major way to avoid hair loss problems is to avoid eating fatty food. Those junk stuff you pick up along the way and gulp down with with a bottle of coke or pepsi need to be replaced with a well-prepared food. Simply avoid fats!

It is however not only fatty food that need to be avoided. It has been found out that the DHT issue is also triggered by the intake of excess alcohol, sugar, caffeine and nicotine since they do deplete the body's supply of nutrients and thereby raise adrenal levels which in turn cause a chain reaction of producing more androgen and cause hair loss. (I swear I can hear some dudes out there swear to remain with their hair loss instead of giving up the booze and nicotine.)

It is equally advised that excess intake of salt should be avoided. When using salt for seasoning during cooking, be sure to use salt with iodine since it is a nutrient that is vital to hair growth.

Even though hair loss can be caused by other factors, the absence of proper nutrition will definitely cause hair loss in most people. Adopting a proper diet that includes good nutrients can reverse hair loss caused by malnutrition.

There are however some other methods that have been successfully used to prevent and correct hair loss in some people, in addition to dietary improvements. It is a well-known fact that some people find it difficult to stay away from their favourite diet or alcohol no matter how hard they try. Massage and Aromatherapy have been used with some success in minor cases of hair loss.

There are quite a few other ways to handle this and related health conditions. These can be accessed at

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Hair Loss in Children - Causes and Treatment

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Hair Loss in Children - Causes and Treatment by Peter sams

Hair loss in children is more common than most people realize. When a child is diagnosed with medically related hair loss, many times one parent must stop working in order to stay home and care for the child or to be available to accompany the child on medical trips for treatment. Discretionary income may decline drastically (virtually being cut in half), and wigs can often not be worked into the family budget with such a dramatically reduced income. Children are subject to several causes of hair loss, some common, some rare.

Causes of Hair Loss In Children’s

Children's Tinea Capitis hair loss: Tinea Capitis is a disease caused by fungal infection of the skin of the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, with a propensity for attacking hair shafts and follicles. It is also called "ringworm of the scalp". The condition is caused by a fungus that invades the hair shaft and causes the hairs to break.

Children's Alopecia Areata hair loss: Alopecia areata is another common form of patchy hair loss in children. The typical story is the sudden appearance of one or more totally bald areas in the scalp.

Children's Traction Alopecia hair loss: Traction Alopecia, or physical damage to the hair, is another common cause of hair loss, particularly in girls. The human hair is quite fragile and really does not respond well to the many physical and chemical assaults it has to endure in the name of beauty.

Children's Trichotillomania hair loss: Trichotillomania is the compulsion to pull out one's own hair. It results in irregular patches of incomplete hair loss, mainly on the scalp, but may involve the eyebrows and eyelashes as well. Children's Telogen Effluvium hair loss: Following a high fever, flu, or severe emotional stress, hairs that were in their growth phase can sometimes be suddenly converted into their resting phase.

Natural Steps to Prevent Hair Loss

Eat and drink biotin: biotin is a very essential vitamin that will aid in hair growth and you can get this in foods such as honey, milk and bananas. A great, healthy and tasty way to get biotin is to make a blended shake with these ingredients and yogurt.

Stop Stress: The reasons for occurring stress can be the environment, or internal factors, such as depression, grief or resistance to change. If the continuation of stress is not solved it will start to affect the way in which the body reacts

Massage your scalp every time: It is useful to promote the new capillaries growth in scalp tissue. It may help to strengthens the capillaries walls which are nourished the hair follicles. It is very effective to increase in the elasticity and flexibility of the scalp.

Sleep plays an important role in allowing the body to repair and regenerate. One in four of us suffers from some form or sleep problem! Alterations in the sleep-wake cycle have been shown to affect the body systems including immune function, hormone secretion, physical and mental emotional stamina.

Get vitamin B in your everyday foods and supplements: Deficiency in B vitamins- especially B6, inositol, Biotin, and folic acid. B vitamins, especially B5 (pantothenic acid) and B3 (Niacin) in diet can cause hair loss. Therefore it is necessary to include these vitamins in regular diet as it forms an important part in the growth of hair follicle.

In order to cure hair loss, Vitamin supplement intake should be performed carefully. Research shows that an excessive intake of vitamin B6 by men results in stimulated hair growth.

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