Can A Home Remedy For Hair Loss Work For You?

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Can A Home Remedy For Hair Loss Work For You? by Jim Hampton

Every day there are a lot of people looking for solutions for their hair loss. Now depending on your budget your options may be limited. If you are definitely conservative in this aspect then there may be some options here that will be shown that might help you.

Now there are many home remedies that are promoted by others who say they work. Well do they really work? It depends on who you are. Why do you think there are so many diet plans? Because people react to foods differently and home remedies for hair loss is no different.

It comes down to basic nutritional information for your body that is so important for hair growth. The trick is to find out what your body is deficient in and get back to normal levels of nutrients that your body needs in order to maintain hair growth.

Finding the missing link in your nutrients can be a long and expensive process to discover so the next best thing is to do it yourself remedies that may or may not help you.

So in going in with that mindset here are some measures that you can try and see if it works or not.

Prevention of hair loss can be done by not shampooing your hair more than 2 times a week. When you do shampoo make sure that you use a mild shampoo making sure that you invigorate your scalp for stimulation. Massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes to insure that your scalp gets the proper amount of attention that it needs.

Now here are some methods of variety that work for some people.

Massage into your hair honey and egg yolk and let it stand for 5 minutes then rinse out completely. Do this 3 times a week.

Massage into your hair coconut milk and let it stand for 5 minutes then rinse out completely doing this 3 times a week as well.

There are many other home remedies types that can be stated here but I think you get the idea. Getting a whole gamut of home remedies can be searched out and there are specialized sites that will identify this information for you as well.

Using a home remedy for hair loss is one of the most economical ways of trying to find a cure for hair loss. If you have the time and patience this strategy can certainly pay off in a big way and save you a ton of money. It definitely is worth the effort looking into and see if it works for you. There are countless varieties of home remedies that you can use.

Let me just state some highlighted categories of what you can use for home remedies and you will be astounded on how that would work?

Here's a list of products that can be used in conjunction with hair loss remedies. Licorice Alfalfa Amla Oil Lettuce ..and many more can be listed.

The attraction of home made remedies is that their relatively inexpensive and they are not medications in which you have you no idea how your body will react. Home remedies can be associated with a natural herb remedy that is very soft and non invasive to your body and hair. There is a lot of information available for you to investigate concerning natural home remedy treatments.

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Hair Loss After Pregnancy Is A Normal Part Of The Whole Pregnancy Process

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Hair Loss After Pregnancy Is A Normal Part Of The Whole Pregnancy Process by apurva

Hair loss after pregnancy is a normal phenomenon that occurs in almost all women. For most women the hair loss usually peaks approximately three months after delivery. Six to twelve months after delivery your hair will return to normal, the way they were before your pregnancy period. So if you have just given birth and are experiencing hair loss, you need not worry. Go on and read this article and find out why this happens and what you can do to take of your hair.

Hair Growth Cycle

Let us begin by understanding your hair growth cycle. Under normal circumstances, around 90% of your hair is in the growing phase while 10% is in the resting phase. Every two or three months your resting hair will fall out and new hair will start to grow in its place. Therefore, under normal circumstances it is normal to lose around 100 strands of hair per day.

Hair Change During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant your body goes through lot of changes. The hormonal changes, more specifically the increased level of estrogen, in a pregnant woman's body causes the hair to go into a strong growth phase. Therefore, pregnant women do not lose hair that they would normally lose. Result is thick and healthy hair. You must have heard pregnant women being complimented on their healthy, thick and shiny hair.

Hair Change After Pregnancy

Once the child is born, your body will again go through hormonal changes. A huge percentage of your hair that was in the growth phase will now go into resting phase and thus you will experience hair loss after pregnancy. Almost as much as 60% of your hair can enter into the resting phase after delivery. The increased hair fall can alarm you just as it does many women. However, you have to understand that your hair loss after pregnancy is a sign that your body is returning to normal.

Hair should be a part of your existent and after pregnancy care. Taking proper care of your hair will reduce your hair loss. Follow these very helpful hair care tips to ensure that you look good after pregnancy.
  • Talk to your doctor to maintain a proper hormonal balance in your body.
  • Your diet should include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Talk to your doctor about taking nutritional supplements.
  • Shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica are good for your hair.
  • Avoid tight pigtails, hair weaves, hair rollers, etc. as this can cause stress to your hair.
  • Do not comb your wet hair with a fine comb.
  • Avoid stress during and after pregnancy.

Knowing beforehand what your body will go through during and after pregnancy will help you take better care of yourself. You will be in a better position to deal with issues like sex after pregnancy, contraception, breastfeeding, etc. Therefore, read as much as you can about various issues relating to pregnancy, including hair loss after pregnancy.

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Do You Know How to Rate A Hair Loss Help Forum?

Hair Loss Remedy Articles : Do You Know How to Rate A Hair Loss Help Forum? by Jim Hampton

There are thousands upon thousands of forums for every kind of help that you need on the internet. I'm not going to insult you with how to find a hair loss help forum because more than likely you already know how to do this. You probably have been looking and reading most of the posts that are within these forums already.

So which are the best forums that you can trust? What's all this rate business about?

Well one of the easiest ways that you can rate a forum or any website that you come across is by the Alexa ratings that associated with that website. Whether that website is a forum, a place where you can buy products or just an article on hair loss everything is rated. This rating determines the popularity of the website and determines how much publicity that it gets when people like you go searching for information.

Now you can get this Alexa rank tool on your site for free if you do a search for Alexa and once you have it you will be looking at a numerical value that is associated with any particular site you are currently browsing. The lower the Alexa ranking number the more heavily visited the site and the more that site is promoted within the search engines.

So what does mean to you? It means that if you happen across a hair loss help forum that has a low Alexa number which is probably indicative of a large clientele database of registered people asking a lot of questions.

That is probably a website you would want to bookmark so that you can go back to it frequently. It would be best for you to take note on the different number of categories that are associated with that forum and start to understand why it's so popular.

So when you go to a hair loss help forum take note of the Alexa rank, the number of registered users and the categories that are defined. If you find that there is a significant number of categories with recent posts and a lot of replies to questions then you know that you might be able to find an answer to your particular question.

Word gets around quickly on the internet on what is good and what is bad and when you find something that is credible it is worth its weight in gold.

These hair loss forums can specialize in different aspects of hair loss with emphasis on women’s hair loss, forums in which doctors frequent as well, mens hair loss and many more specialized topics. You also have forums in which they try to specialize in every aspect of hair loss but the best forums are the ones that are predominantly focused on one particular aspect of hair loss. Such as what are the latest treatments and what are the results?

So now you know how to evaluate a website with the Alexa rating and the number of registered users which will help you identify where you should spend your time looking for information on hair loss.

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Hair Loss Diet - Vitamins

Hair Loss Diet - Vitamins by Sarah Rowe

Hair Loss can be a direct result from a poor diet. This is not the case with every form of hair loss, as some are genetic or have other causes. By making a few small changes in your diet, you can often help to slow or prevent the hair loss from happening. Having the proper diet will also go a long ways to helping your hair look much healthier. Below we will look at a few of the foods you would want to include in a diet specific to hair loss.

It is recommended that you should include foods in your diet that contain plenty of calcium, iron, and silica. Also important is that you should eat foods high in protein, as this is crucial to proper hair growth. You should also try to include a good balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

If you are not able to get the minimum daily values for the vitamins or minerals that you need then you should consider taking some form of supplement to help with reaching the levels needed. Another thing you should try to do is eat foods that are fresh and you should try to cook the foods when you plan to eat them, other foods can be eaten raw without cooking.

When you go ahead and make changes to your diet, you should try to eat the foods that are going to help and avoid the ones that are not. This will help you to become healthier in general and lead to healthy hair growth. Foods that are high in certain vitamins and nutrients should be focused on. Here w will talk about a couple of these that are important to healthy hair growth.

1. Vitamin C - You should make sure to take the right amounts of this vitamin, it helps in preventing hair from splitting and breaking. It will also help in the production of collagen. This then helps with the structure of tissues in the body (including your scalp) And makes everything bind together.

The best foods to focus on that will provide you with the right amounts of vitamin c are Citrus Fruits, Berries, And melons. You can also eat vegetables including potatoes, peppers, and dark green leafy veggies.

2. Copper - Although it is only found as a trace mineral in our bodies, this is still essential in helping to form hemoglobin, which then allows the red blood cells to carry oxygen. Also, hemoglobin is a vital mineral as it ensures that sufficient amounts of blood are supplied to the shafts of our hair.

In order to increase the amount of copper that your body absorbs you should eat more organ meats (Such as liver), Seafood, and Seeds and nuts. You should note that you should never exceed the daily-recommended value of 2 MG of copper per day.

Along with those two nutrients that you should be ensuring that you get adequate amounts of in your hair loss diet, there are others as well. You need to make sure that each day you take the recommended daily amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc and protein. Moreover, you should also make sure that you drink plenty of water each day as this helps to transport all these essential nutrients around the body to where they are needed the most.

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Hair Loss Shampoo: Can Hair Loss Shampoo Work for You?

Hair Loss Shampoo: Can Hair Loss Shampoo Work for You? by Tom Cruz

Losing one's hair can be one of the most devastating things imaginable, especially for women. Women take pride in their hair�"perhaps more pride than is necessary�"and losing it can be the type of thing nightmares are made of. For those out there who are dealing with devastating hair loss, there is hope in hair loss shampoo for some of you. It is only a matter of finding out whether or not hair loss shampoo can work for you.

Traditional Hair Loss Shampoo

One of the main reasons why people lose their hair prematurely is due to an overproduction of a hormone called DHT. DHT blocks hair follicles from being able to produce new hair growth. The way most types of hair loss shampoo works is to block most or all of the production of DHT and allow the scalp to grow hair properly, the way it should. Of course, this is not the type of thing that is going to work for everyone. As a matter of fact, not everyone can blame their hair loss on the overproduction of DHT and so hair loss shampoo that was created off of that principle would be of no use in such a case.

Perhaps Your Shampoo is To Blame

When it comes to hair loss, shampoo in your shower may be to blame. If you have recently changed your shampoo and conditioner and all of a sudden you are finding more hair than usual in the drain or in your brush, or you just can not seem to make as good of a coif as you used to, consider the fact that your shampoo and conditioner or other hair products may be to blame. Be as gentle on your scalp as you possibly can. Brush and comb your hair as gently as possible and stay away from harsh chemical treatments like perms and chemical straighteners or relaxers if at all possible.

Talk to Your Doctor About Your Hair Loss

Be sure to consult your doctor or primary care physician before you start any type of hair loss treatment, whether it is hair loss shampoo or otherwise. You never know what the chemicals in such a product can do to your hair or the rest of your body, so you want to be sure to get as clear and concise medical advice as possible before starting to try to treat yourself. You may be able to find some other method of treatment for your hair loss problem in the meantime, one that does not involve washing your hair with hair loss shampoo that is extremely expensive and may or may not even work for you.

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Top Hair Loss Herbs

Top Hair Loss Herbs by Sarah Rowe

When it comes to treating hair loss no longer do we need to rely on the kinds of treatments that a doctor is likely to prescribe or which can be brought over the counter at your local drug store. Instead, more and more people who suffer from hair loss are looking at natural treatments. Below we offer some information regarding various hair loss herbs, which can help in treating this condition.

Please be aware that these are not medications and should be treated as such. With these herbs there are no guarantee's on if or how well they will work for you even if you read about them working for someone else. The plus side is you should not have to worry very much about side effects from using them.

All of these herbs, that we suggest, will work in a variety of different ways. Here we will look at a few of these herbs and how they affect your hair looks and grows.

1. Chamomile - This herb is great for not only its ability to help with healthy hair growth but also in its helping in reducing stress levels. You will find that in some cases stress is directly related to hair loss, so the reduction in stress should help in that area also.

2. Catnip or Burdock - These two herbs are useful for healthy hair growth; this in turn reduces the effects or risk of hair loss. You will usually find these two herbs in a solution, such as in a hair loss shampoo or conditioner, which you apply, as you would normally use one of these products.

3. Saw Palmetto - You will find a lot written about this particular herb. Using this herb will help with the reduction of DHT, A normal hormone found in both men and women. If too much of this hormone is produced, it will affect the hair follicles making it easier for your hair to fall out.

4. Green Tea - In studies of women in Japan, researchers have found that by drinking the herb it could help to increase their levels of the sex hormone binding globulin. This then helps to prevent their bodies from producing too much of the male hormone testosterone, often found to be a cause for hair loss in women.

These are by no means the only herbs for hair loss you will find. There are many other herbs available that have been shown to help, in some form or another, with this condition. A few of these are Apple Cider vinegar, Sage Tea, and Psoralea Seeds, all of these herbs would be applied directly to your affected area. Some others are Ginger and Liquorice Extract. The results you will see from any of these will very greatly, you will have to try each out to see how they will work for you.

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Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a flowering plant. Henna is a tall shrub or small tree. It produces a red-orange dye molecule called lawsone. This has been used to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather, silk and wool.

In India, henna is used as fresh leaves rather than as dried powder. It�s used in various festivals and celebrations by women and children to make desingns on their hands. It is left on overnight. When it gets dried it leaves a bright red or reddish brown design on the hands, which makes the hands appear beautiful.

Henna has many traditional and commercial uses, the most common being as a dye for hair, skin and fingernails.

Henna has been followed for centuries as the herbal treatment for the hair. It is also useful to control falling hair and dandruff. It promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. It also conditions the hair. It has a cooling effect on the scalp.

Prepare henna in the following procedure, apply it on the hair, leave it for 1 hour and then wash it off. It not only cools the scalp but also gives good color to the hair.

Things needed for henna paste:
1 cup henna powder (available in any ethnic store)
1 tsp gooseberry powder (it gives nice black shade)
1 tsp black coffee or
1 tsp black tea
Juice of 1 lemon
� cup curd
10 drops oil

Henna Powder


Mix all of the above items together and leave it for 12 hours. Then apply the paste on the hair. One egg yolk also can be added at the end to make the hair smooth and silky. Leave it on the hair for an hour. Later wash the hair well with a good shampoo and dry it. This definitely gives a good feeling for the hair. As some drops of oil are added while making the paste, it makes even the dry hair smooth and silky.

Henna Paste

Common Hair Loss Herbs

Hair Loss Remedy - Common Hair Loss Herbs by Sarah Rowe

You may be shocked to know that some people are treating there hair loss with products other than medications. These are natural and not prescribed by a doctor so you can get them over the counter at your local drug store. Everyday, people are using and finding products that are natural to cure there hair problems. We will go over a couple of the more common hair loss herbs used to treat hair loss and other hair related issues.

Please be aware that these are not medications and should be treated as such. With these herbs there are no guarantee's on if or how well they will work for you even if you read about them working for someone else. The plus side is you should not have to worry very much about side effects from using them.

All of these herbs, that we suggest, will work in a variety of different ways. Here we will look at a few of these herbs and how they affect your hair looks and grows.

1. Chamomile - The ability of this herb to help with healthy hair growth as well as being a great stress reliever, says much about its potential. This being the case, stress is often linked to hair loss, so if you reduce stress this should help you if that is something you suffer from.

2. Burdock or Catnip - These two herbs can help with making your hair more healthy. This will help with making your hair stronger and thus less likely to suffer the effects hair loss may cause. These two herbs are usually found within a solution like, Hair loss shampoo or conditioner. Then all you would do is use them like you would normally use one of these products.

3. Saw Palmetto - One herb that seems to be having more written about in than many other herbs used for treating hair loss is this one. It helps to promote health growth by reducing the levels of DHT, a hormone in the body that if produced in excess amounts eventually weakens the hair follicles.

4. Green Tea - There was a study done in Japan that showed a benefit by drinking green tea. The tea helped by increasing the sex hormone binding globulin. The effects of this are that testosterone production is lowered; a major cause of hair loss in women is testosterone.

These are by no means the only herbs for hair loss you will find. There are many other herbs available that have been shown to help, in some form or another, with this condition. A few of these are Apple Cider vinegar, Sage Tea, and Psoralea Seeds, all of these herbs would be applied directly to your affected area. Some others are Ginger and Liquorice Extract. The results you will see from any of these will very greatly, you will have to try each out to see how they will work for you.

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Alopecia: Hair Loss in Men and Women Explained

Hair Loss Remedy - Alopecia: Hair Loss in Men and Women Explained by Jim Lorenz

My friend's 28- and 24-year old sons both have hair problems. The former has begun to lose his hair, while his younger brother is developing round, bald spots on his head. At such early age, one wonders what really causes hair loss, or baldness, and if there's anything that can be done to prevent it.

Hair loss - known as alopecia in the medical field - assumes different forms. In men, the most common hair-loss pattern is the one in which hair starts to thin at the crown and the hairline begins to diminish. The exact sequence of this typical male-pattern hair loss goes this way: The hairline starts to recede at the forehead, and then at the temples and crown. In the end, the bare areas merge and only a fringe of hair is left at the back of the head and around the ears. This form of hair loss in men is chiefly genetic in origin; it is primed by the presence of androgens (male hormones).

It is widely understood that one loses scalp hair as he or she gets older. It is likewise generally known that the tendency of some men or women to begin losing hair at an early age, and at a relatively fast rate, is hereditary.

The particular hair-loss case of my friend's younger son is medically termed alopecia areata. This condition is characterized by the occurrence of hair loss in patches that produces a totally bare area encircled by normal hair growth. A number of scientific researches point to the basic cause of this type of alopecia as being both genetic and immunological.

In women, abnormal hair loss may happen temporarily after childbirth; or it may be the result of certain infections, ringworm, or even diabetes. While women do not usually suffer from total hair loss, their hair often thins as they get older. One of the usual contributing factors in alopecia in women is the hormonal changes that take place during the "change of life" (menopause).

Another type of hair loss in women is referred to as traction alopecia. This form of hair loss is associated with such hair styles - as ponytails - in which the hair is pulled tautly away from the scalp. Excessive hair brushing and the use of rollers for an extended period are possible causes of this type of alopecia, too.

It is important that the person fully understands his or her particular hair-loss condition, especially when considering going through certain medical treatment processes or using prescription drugs. A better alternative to preventing alopecia or hair loss may well be a natural treatment approach. In this regard, men and women have to learn about the breakthrough information that reveal how one can stop hair loss naturally, strengthen, revitalize and restore thinning hair, and retain healthier, fuller, thicker hair.

Stop and prevent male and female hair loss and strengthen, revitalize and restore thinning hair. Learn about the breakthrough information that reveal how you can stop hair loss naturally and retain healthier, fuller, thicker hair. Visit Hair Loss No More at Preventing Alopecia.
For more health information, visit Round the Clock Health Guide

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Alopecia Information | Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Remedy - Alopecia Information Hair Loss Treatment by Juliet Cohen

Alopecia means diffuse hair loss, most notably of the scalp, caused by administration of various drugs. In some cases, alopecia is an indication of an underlying medical concern, such as iron deficiency. It grows vigorously for two to four years, then entered a transitional phase in the short and then a period of rest for two to four months. Then, it enters its third phase, detachment. The head contains approximately 100000 average hair. Of these, up to 100 (about one in 1000) hangar every day. After shedding, the strong growth stages are entered again. Pattern loss is the most common cause of hearing loss and affects 70% of men and 15% of women.

Classical men baldness affects the temporal regions of the forehead and is usually accompanied by a diffuse thinning in which, after moulting, a percentage of hair does regrow. One reason for the "alopecia," is the gradual increase of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. With the aging, especially men, the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT increases in the activity and a greater concentration of DHT are produced. Today, there are blocking agents that can be prescribed only remove this cause of hair loss. When the hair loss is in a defined part of the body, is is known as alopecia areata.

Alopecia Areata is thought to be an autoimmune disease affecting people exposed genetically sensitive to the ambiguity of environmental triggers, such as infection or emotional stress. AA can occur at any age, from infancy in the late decades of life. Congenital cases have been reported. Peak incidence appears to have been the age of 15-29 years. Alopecia Areata tends to occur more often in children, adolescents and young adults. Alopecia Areata in not contagious. It should not be confused with the shedding of hair that may occur as a result of the discontinuation of hormone estrogen and progestin therapy for birth control.

Hair loss associated with the end of the pregnancy. Alopecia Areata may regress spontaneously become chronic, diffuse or spread. Risk factors for chronicity include extensive involvement occurred before adolescence, atopy, and the participation of the periphery of the scalp (ophiasis). Hair does regrow within a year without treatment. A variety of treatments can be tried. The steroid injections, creams and shampoos (clobetasol or fluocinonide) to the scalp have been used for many years. Other drugs include minoxidil, irritants (anthralin coal tar or topical), and topical immunotherapy which are sometimes used in different combinations.

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Mend those Split Ends

The ends of hair that have split into strands are called Split Ends.

The causes for split ends are:

The natural protective oils of the scalp fail to reach the ends of the hair, as it grows. The reason for this is getting too much exposure to the sun, going through too many shampoos, use of hair dryers and hot irons. The hair gets brittle at the end due to dryness and gives way to split.

Split ends are most often seen in long hair but also occur in short hair that is not in good condition. This can be a problem for anyone trying to grow his or her hair.

The Solution:

The split ends have no permanent cure. The best cure for the split ends is to cut them off. The hair should be trimmed frequently to avoid the split ends. The split ends grows faster than the hair. If they were not treated in time they would spoil the health of the hair.

Exposure to excess heat and too much brushing and combing should be avoided.

If you want to grew your hair long don�t ignore the split ends, because, as they split they also break away making your hair get shorter every time you brush it!

Hair Loss and Anemia Treatment

Hair Loss and Anemia Treatment by Juliet Cohen

Hair loss often a sign of a variety of medical problems. There are three types of anemia affected by hair loss is the first iron deficiency anemia, copper deficiency anemia, and pernicious anemia. The most common form of anemia is iron deficiency anemia. the most common cause for hair loss is iron deficiency. Iron deficiency or anemia wherein the body has a low iron level than what the body requires. Due to a low iron deficiency the number of red blood cells is reduced in the blood and result in a number of ailments. Iron deficiency appears to be relatively common in telogen effluvium type of hair loss.

It is suggested that women are particularly susceptible to iron deficiency due to the steady loss of iron-rich blood during menstruation. In most cases suffering from anemia suffer extreme feelings, cold or warm to the temperature (which is the person feels neither too cold nor too hot, even at normal temperatures). A person who suffers from anemia also takes time to recover from the loss of blood. Losing blood during and after birth may cause a woman to become iron deficient. Iron deficiency symptoms commonly include chronic rapid hair loss, weight loss, pale appearance, spoon-shaped nails, and excessive dryness of hair.

There are various chronic causs such as iron deficiency, vitamin C, which can also lead to iron deficiency, the high consumption of tea is rich in caffeine, alcohol also reduces the availability of iron in the body and even a bit low iron Diffuses can cause hair loss. The best method of preventing hair loss due to iron deficiency is to consume nutritious foods containing a high iron content. Give iron and vitamin pills for immediate recovery. You should increase the amount of iron intake on a daily basis. Make sure your diet contains enough fish, eggs, eggs, cereals, peas and beans. Vitamins for the hair of black women.

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Hair Loss

Hair Loss by Jim Moore

People all over the world see hair as important. In the west, for instance, almost all brides are prepared for their approach to the altar by the hands of an expert stylist. On that supreme day, their hair style may be the most elaborate they will ever have in their lives. At the opposite extreme, when a young girl of one of the aboriginal tribes of the Amazon jungle reaches puberty the women of the village ceremonially remove all the hairs from her head, one by one. The ritual significance and mystique of hair on these occasions are undeniable.

We use our hair to express our personalities - to conform, to make a statement, to help us feel good, to attract other people. Sometimes our hair even seems to reflect our mood, especially when we are sad or depressed. Our hair is perhaps our most distinctive feature. Any sudden change in its color or style startles our friends and produces comments from our family. Hair is an amazing material.

In the hands of an expert and with the use of modern hair products, it is soft and shining and seems full of life. Strangely, however, hair is dead. Hair, if properly looked after, made to shine with 'health'.

Yet all too often this 'crowning glory' of ours is neglected. And then it can look shoddy, dull and lifeless. It becomes a constant disappointment, all the worse because we know that, however expensive and beautiful our clothes, if our hair looks a mess we won't be seen as well-groomed, poised and fashionable.

Hair so often fails to do for us exactly what we expected. Its behaviour raises endless questions, sometimes almost despairing: Why did my hair suddenly collapse just before that vital interview? Could I have done anything to avoid that happening?

Why did it look fine when I walked out of the salon yesterday, and terrible this morning?

Why, when it had so much volume and 'body' when I was on that Mediterranean holiday, has all that gone now I'm at home in November?

Why was the results of that home color so disappointing?

Why does a woman's hair so often 'fall out' after she has had a baby?

Why do so many men (and some women) go bald?

Why does so-and-so's lovely red hair never perm very well? Why does my hair go out of condition so easily? What can I do to restore it?

All hairs naturally fall out at the end of the growing period. Everyone loses between 50 and 80 hairs a day. They tend to come out with brushing and shampooing. So if you wash your hair only once a week, it is perfectly in order for you to lose several hundred hairs at one go!

However, it is possible, a person may start to lose more hairs than usual. If this hair loss is significant, and if it persists, then sooner or later the scalp may become visible through the thinning hair. The condition is called alopecia. The name comes from the Greek word alopekia, which means 'fox': foxes (and also dogs) sometimes suffer from bald patches due to an unpleasant disease called mange. (Fortunately, humans do not get mange!)

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5 Effective Hair Loss Solutions

5 Effective Hair Loss Solutions by W. Darren -

According to a study made by hair experts, 50% of all men and about 40% of women will undergo massive hair loss sometime in the span of their life. This study shows how serious the problem of hair loss to anybody. Most hair loss is linked genetically to an ancestor who has previous hair loss experience in their lifetime. That is why an effective hair loss solution is needed in order to eradicate this problem.

1. One main hair loss solution is ability to have a proper nutritional diet that will produce much needed nutrients in our hair, eating foods rich in fiber, protein and vitamin C helps lessen the possibility of hair loss. Medical experts agree that hair loss occurs on individuals with certain deficiencies in some important nutrients. A healthy diet can be rightfully called as an effective hair loss solution.

2. Another leading hair loss solution is the laser therapy. This process involves a low level amount of laser being applied to the scalp of the head in order to stimulate and start a new procession of healthy hair growth. This process of hair loss solution is however a bit expensive than other hair loss solution. Still nobody can say that this type of hair loss solution do not work as evidence by a number of people, the laser therapy generates great results in battling the problem of hair loss. It's more expensive, yes but at the same time ranks as one of the much better method of a hair loss solution being practiced today.

3. For a much cheaper method of an effective hair loss solution, scientists have invented this device called Androhair, it's like a comb where one can use in combing or brushing their hair just like a normal comb does. It caters mainly to people who suffer from a condition called Alopecia; it's a condition that causes hair loss by stopping the proper distribution of nutrients on a person's scalp. With the help of this device called Androhair, hair loss victims can comb their head and by the use of androhair it will massage your scalp and therefore allows more blood and nutrient circulation all over your scalps that will eventually spread the proper nutrients needed in making your hair strong and healthy again.

4. Other home based methods of an effective hair loss solution is the use of the plant of Aloe Vera, stems of aloe Vera gives proper nutrients to our scalps and makes it possible for new wave of hair growths that replaces those lost strands of hair. This is one of the cheapest examples of an effective hair loss solution that is being widely practiced up to this day.

5. The role of buying and using the right shampoo brand is also an effective hair loss solution. Make sure the shampoo you will use have a lot of helpful nutrients like protein, calcium and other minerals needed in strengthening the hair and providing for a more opportunity of hair growth.

Baldness and hair loss is a big problem but with the help of different methods of using a proper hair loss solution, the problem of hair loss will eventually be overcome.

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Shake off Dandruff

Dandruff is the common cosmetic concern for many people.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is the scaly scurf that forms on the scalp of a person. It is a natural and harmless scalp condition in which the shedding of dead skin cells occurs at an unusually fast rate.

Even though it is not considered to be a disease, it does cause some irritation and embarrassment to the people suffering from it. It even makes the head itchy.

The possible reasons for this are:

1. Oily scalp
2. Stress
3. Nutritional deficiencies
4. Use of certain hair sprays or gels
5. Food allergies
6. Cold weather.

Home remedies to consider:

  • Rub the juice of a lemon or Yogurt well into the scalp, leave it for some time and wash it off.

  • Always try to use clean combs or hairbrushes.

Hair Care

Keeping the hair healthy and beautiful, needs good care. I would like to share some tips that really worked for me.

  • Apply warm oil to the hair once a week and massage it into the scalp and take a shower after one hour. Massaging helps in good blood circulation.

  • Never use blow dryers to dry the hair. Let it dry natuarlly by wrapping a towel around the hair.

  • Instead of coloring the hair with artificial dyes, use the natural henna which also helps in making the hair stronger.

  • Never brush your hair when wet. The hair is more vulnerable when wet and tend to fall off easily.

  • Eat a balanced diet. Include a lot of vegetables in your food, especially greens.

Find some good websites that give information on the hair care in the links section.

Real Hair Loss Solutions

Real Hair Loss Solutions by Tanya Brooks

While your mom will tell you it's what's inside that counts, the simple fact is that appearance has an important impact in both business and social situations. For men, one of the key factors in projecting an air of youth, power and virility is a healthy head of hair.

Unfortunately, for 50 million men in the United States, male pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss in men, is in their genes. Some men experience male pattern baldness while still in their teens, and it becomes more common as men age. Forty percent of men have noticeable hair loss by age 35; by age 60, it's 65 percent.

"With America's fixation on youth and looks, it's no wonder that the onset of hair loss can send men into a panic," says Dr. Ken Washenik, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director of Bosley, the largest and most experienced practice. "While losing your hair is not life-threatening, it can trigger powerful emotions." Young men who lose their hair rematurely may feel like their hair loss ages them before their time and fear the effect it will have on their social life. Older men who are losing their hair face an unwelcome reminder that time marches on.

"I started losing my hair in my early 20's and was so self-conscious and shy that I questioned my future career as a math teacher and football coach as both would require me to face the public every day," says Scott Wright of Eugene, Ore.

The good news is that thanks to scientific and medical advances, men who are experiencing hair loss have a variety of treatment options. The first step in taking control of your hair loss is to meet with a qualified hair restoration expert to design a personalized treatment plan that is right for you. Bosley offers to provide information and to advise patients on hair loss treatments.

You do not have to accept going bald, here are some of the choices available:

Minoxidil: This topical medication can help slow down hair loss in some cases, and help regrow hair on the top of the head in others. It must be used daily to remain effective.

Propecia: This daily oral medication is available by prescription only. It interrupts the formation of the hormone DHT, one of the principal factors in male pattern hair loss. It has been shown to help slow down the progressive thinning of hair, so it works best for those in the early stages of hair loss. If the medication is stopped, hair loss resumes.

Modern follicular unit transplantation is the state-of-the-art procedure used to restore a thinning hairline and add density to the crown. "It is a safe, in-office medical procedure that redistributes healthy hair follicles from non-thinning areas at the sides and very back of the head, where you have more than you need, to the thinning or balding areas on top," explains Dr. Washenik. Bosley has performed almost 200,000 hair transplantation procedures since 1974, making them the world's most experienced hair restoration experts.
For more information visit:

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Hair Loss During Menopause - What Can Help

Hair Loss During Menopause - What Can Help by Bart Rutherford

Many women experience hair loss during menopause. While many of the symptoms of menopause are fairly internal and can be hidden, hair loss is not one of them. For this reason it can be quite embarrassing to deal with this hair loss. The good news is that there are some things that can help.

Hair loss is actually linked to impaired thyroid function. This thyroid problem is often found in menopausal women. Unfortunately, it is not the only symptom of menopause that can contribute to hair loss.

Things like stress, wavering hormones, medications, and genetics can all contribute to this condition. The cycle can seem endless, especially with regards to stress. Losing your hair can be stressful, and then this stress can make you lose your hair! This is one of the unfair problems that occur during menopause.

If you're starting experience this condition, think about the factors that may have affected you. What happened in the months before your hair loss? Think of an illness, stressful event, or any other reason that can lead to loss of hair. It may be that you're able to pinpoint a possible reason, but your doctor is always the best judge.

Thankfully, there are some treatments for hair loss during menopause. Just like it took a while for your hair loss to occur, it may take a while for the treatments to work their magic. Don't go into it thinking that you'll see immediate results because that is probably not the case.

One of the treatments is soy isoflavones. These contain phytoestrogens that are actually helpful in treating many symptoms of menopause. Many women have reported less hair loss if they have started taking soy supplements, or increase the amount of soy they eat in their diets. Hair loss during menopause may need additional treatments, but soy is a fairly harmless method to try.

You can also get over the counter progesterone. Your own natural progesterone levels fall during menopause. Something called androstenedione is produced as a result. These androstenddiones can signal some male properties to your body. This can cause male pattern hair loss. Taking progesterone can counteract these signals and keep you from having to deal with losing hair during menopause.

Those are just some examples of the things you can try to prevent and remedy this condition. You doctor is truly the only one who is qualified to evaluate your unique situation and find you a solution that will guarantee your success in dealing with hair loss during menopause.

Losing your hair is one of the more noticeable attributes of menopause. Thankfully, there are solutions available to you. Always consult with your doctor and you're sure to find the one that is best for you.

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Hair Loss Reviews - Top Hair Loss Products

Hair Loss Reviews - Top Hair Loss Products by Sarah Rowe

There are some many different hair loss products being sold that you may have trouble finding one that is right for you. The many different types that are sold only compound the process of picking a product. Hair loss reviews will help you evaluate a product before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on it. You can find these reviews on the internet or in magazines.

Below you will find some of the common treatments that are readily available. They should be able too help with stopping the loss of hair and with growing it back.

1. Rogaine - This product can be found in many stores and it can be bought easily online. The product is available in types for both women and men. It also has two different varieties, the regular strength, and the Extra Strength.

To use this product all you will need to do is apply it to your scalp twice daily. It may cause slight irritation where it is applied, other than that you will find no side effects. There is one disadvantage with this product, when you stop using it you will find that your hair loss will return.

2. Finasterride - The common name for this is Propecia, and is most commonly used by men. In order to get this product you must get a prescription from a doctor. You will find that your results will vary greatly from person to person.

There is one big down side to this treatment, especially in men. The big side effect is that you may suffer from erectile dysfunction from using this product.

3. Ketoconazole - This not only contains a 5 alpha Reductase inhibitor as does Finasteride mentioned above, but it also contains anti fungal properties. As with all these treatments, it will need to be applied to the area where the hair loss is and sometimes in conjunction with other treatments.

Along with using the treatments we have mentioned, if you are someone who is looking for a more natural ways of helping to improve and aid new healthy hair growth. There are plenty of natural products and methods that you may wish to try instead. The great thing about using those made from natural products is that compared to the ones above there will be very little chance of them producing any unwanted side effects.

The path to growing back your hair is a long and hard one. You should try and use the best resources and products that you can in order to reach your goal of having a full head of healthy hair.

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About Hair If You Care

A lustrous and healthy hair makes a person look beautiful. If we want to keep our hair healthy and beautiful, we have to take well care of it. There are so many factors that affect the hair in a bad way. Dandruff, head lice, and split ends fall into that category. Of course, the weather conditions or medical conditions also harm the health of the hair. But, if we take some precautions or make use of some remedies, we can prevent the bad state of the hair. I made a little attempt to bundle up all the information that I have known and that I have collected on the web at one place. As a result, this web site has emerged.

Hair Loss in Men - Provillus to the Rescue!

Hair Loss in Men - Provillus to the Rescue! by Balding Tony

Over 50 million men in the US suffer from Male Pattern Baldness today and that has created a billion dollar a year market for hair loss products. If you're one of these 50 million you'll be looking for help with hair restoration while preventing thinning hair from turning your head into a solar panel for a sex machine!

Provillus may sound like a Russell Crowe type gladiator from the Roman war flick, but in fact it is a combination of active hair replacement ingredients that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This hair loss remedy has been uniquely formulated to promote hair growth faster than Maximus chopped the heads off those guys in the arena!

Male Pattern Baldness is caused by testosterone, and specifically dihydrotestosterone or DHT in your body getting out of control and beating up on the slave hair follicles. The DHT and testosterone are vital for your body as it makes you the man that you are, but after you become an adult it starts to have some adverse effects and hair loss is one of them.

Hair follicles need a good supply of blood and nutrients in order to make good, strong hair. The DHT ties itself to the follicles and slowly puts a choke hold on their blood supply. It takes some time, but you'll notice first of all thinning hair leading to bald areas as the hairs fall out and are not replaced. When this happens you will not be entertained!

If you leave the bald area untreated the follicles will permanently stop working and no amount of hair loss treatment will get them to work again. When this happens you'll need a hair transplant, so it's really important that you deal with hair loss before it gets to that stage.

Provillus works by promoting hair growth and hair regrowth where follicles have only recently stopped working. Unlike prescription medications such as Finasteride (Propecia) it won't upset your body's natural hormonal balance or make your scalp feel like it's on fire.

There is nothing in Provillus that is not natural. Vitamin B6 works together with zinc and magnesium to help promote healthy follicles and naturally control the level of testosterone that affects the scalp. Eleuthero, Saw Palmetto and other herb and plant extracts that have been known to help cure baldness since Roman times are also included and these promote good blood flow and deliver essential nutrients for building strong healthy hair.

Provillus will also not cut your testosterone levels. As any gladiator will know, having a healthy level of testosterone is essential; it makes you the man that you are for a start. If you already buy Propecia you may have experienced some of the less than manly side effects such as a loss of interest in the opposite sex and man boobs! Many doctors who order Propecia tend to gloss over the detrimental effects that tinkering with your testosterone can have as they focus on what you're asking for - some more hair please.

It pays to give side effects some special attention when you are looking at a hair loss treatment program. Many users with hair loss prescriptions tend to forget that there is a little slip of paper in there that outlines the side effects of using the medication. These may include impotence, loss of male characteristics (growing man boobs), and depression to more serious ailments such as blood pressure and heart complications. If your partner is pregnant she should not even come into any physical contact with the medication and that may mean you if you've just slapped some solution on your head.

You can use Provillus as a prevention treatment for hair loss if you come from a family that has a history of baldness (just look at your dad to see if you're in the same genetic cohort) - unlike Finasteride, you can use Provillus to keep your follicles in great shape and reduce the risk of developing Male Pattern Baldness to begin with.

Provillus is simple and safe. It has no side effects that are going to make you come downstairs in the morning and sound like one of Emperor Commodus' eunuchs. You can buy Provillus online and you'll notice a hefty difference in the price of this 100% natural remedy compared to other brand name formulations.

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Men and Women Now Stop Hair Loss Using Herbal Hair Loss Products

Men and Women Now Stop Hair Loss Using Herbal Hair Loss Products by John Tulley

Herbal hair loss products are the best and safest way to combat hair loss. This is because they have natural ingredients that don't cause the harsh side effects that synthetic drugs do. There are a number of herbal hair loss products that are available to help stop hair loss. You will want to check out each of them before you decide which one to use. Here are some of the different types of herbal products you can use.

One: Saw palmetto or Serenoa repens - This product will effectively promote hair re-growth.

Two: Nettle root - This is a popular product with a lot of people. This product inhibits the enzyme alphs5 reductase which causes hair loss.

Three: Gotu kola - This product will improve the health of the skin and hair. It stimulates blood circulation in the brain and the scalp which then rejuvenates the hair follicles.

Four: Pumpkin or Cucurbita maxima - This product is made from oil extracted from the seeds of pumpkins. This product is still being tested to see how well it helps with hair re-growth. These four products are just a small demonstration of what is available. There are so many other types of hair loss products that you can choose from that are herbal products. You will want to do a search about each one before you try them. You will be able to figure out which one will work best for your hair loss. If you can't, you will need to talk to someone that knows a lot about hair loss and the products that can be used to treat it, such as a doctor or a dermatologist, before you use any type of product. You want to be safe about what you use so that you don't cause yourself other types of problems. Most of the herbal hair loss products will not have any or very little side effects. However, you have to know as much as you can about anything that you use. You don't want to use the first product that you find. It is important for you to check out as much information about each one as you can. When you know what it is used for and how it can help you, you will be able to decide which one you should use. Always remember that information will help you choose the best one for you. So do your homework before you decide anything.

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Procerin: Solving the Hair Loss Problem for Men

Procerin: Solving the Hair Loss Problem for Men by Alan Anderson

DHT is the prime source of hair loss amidst men. DHT is an abbreviated form Dihydrotestosterone, which is a by-product of the male sex hormone testosterone. The higher the levels of DHT in the scalp, the more are the chances of hair loss. The reason being, that it blocks the hair follicles and thereby makes them brittle and susceptible to breakage.

Medication which could block the production of DHT in the scalp can thus effectively resolve the problem of hair loss amongst men. One of such medications is Procerin. This hair loss treatment acts on the mechanism of blocking the transformation of the DHT, without reacting on the testosterone. In this way, use of this oral treatment is beneficial in retarding hair loss and creating conducive environment for hair re-growth.

Usage of Procerin can be employed in conjunction with other supplements for treatment of hair loss. It implies that this hair loss treatment can be employed with medications like Rogaine and Propecia effectively. This is because; either of the medication targets different areas of DHT formation, and does not interfere in the functioning of the other.

It is an all-natural hair loss treatment which has proven its efficacy for treating hair loss amidst men. Being an all natural hair loss treatment, it is free from all harmful side effects. Some men may experience a mild stomach discomfort in the initial days of usage. This discomfort could be avoided by making use of hair loss treatment Procerin with food. To get more information pertaining to appropriate way of usage of this hair loss treatment, speak with your doctor.

At least 1-2 months of usage ought to be indulged in before you could experience visible results. Its efficacy is best proven amid men in the age group of 18-35 years. Even women may benefit from it, but it is specifically formulated for hair loss problem in men.

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Hair Loss Prevention- Why Do Castrated Men Never Go Bald?

Hair Loss Prevention- Why Do Castrated Men Never Go Bald? by Smith Chen

Note-This content only presents overviews of hair loss prevention research for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a professional physician.
The best start to preventing hair loss is understanding the basics of hair: what it is, how it grows, what system malfunctions can cause it to stop growing.

Most common hair loss comes under what has been commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Although referred to as MPB, females suffer a similar syndrome, so it is more properly called androgenetic alopecia. Although hair loss is not life or health threatening, it can cause serious problems with a person's psyche and self-confidence. There has been no absolute cure found for hair loss, and many factors of hair loss are hereditary, however there are several preventative measures one can take to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Although both men and women can suffer significant hair loss, over 50% of men will suffer with Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), also known as androgenetic alopecia, at some point in their lives. The reason behind hair loss is a genetically inherited sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and 5-alpha-reductase. The enzyme 5-alpha-reductase converts testosterone, a male hormone, to DHT, the substance identified as the end-cause for hair loss.

Hair loss has been noticed and studied throughout the ages, and some interesting discoveries were made in ancient times. For one it was noticed that eunuchs: those males without genitals-never went bald. Men who were castrated as a result of accidents in battle also never went bald. This was the first indication that testosterone had something to do with hair loss. It has also been found that the more recessive the hair gene, the more propensity toward baldness one has.

Some common myths have arisen concerning hair loss. Because of medical advancements many of these myths are being addressed and corrected. For starters, although androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness is genetic and therefore can be hereditary, it is not passed down through only your mother's side of the family. Either side of the family can pass down the genetic disposition toward baldness. Also, contrary to old family tales, wearing hats does not cause baldness either.

Beyond the genetic propensity of certain people toward hair loss, there seems to be various dietary triggers that activate the process, a notion that is promising since this can be controlled.

The effects of high-fat diets and the increase of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a chemical produced by the body found to cause hair loss, is not conclusive at this time. However, there does seem to be a connection; as societies that consumed relatively low-fat diets such as pre-World War II Japan experienced almost no pattern baldness, whereas in post-World War II Japan there is an increase in pattern baldness as their society consumes a higher fat diet. In fact, Asian and African men in their native countries traditionally suffer very little Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Although when the same peoples come to North America, they begin to develop MPB.

Because people of all races and ethnicities tend to develop MPB or androgenetic alopecia, yet do not exhibit these tendencies before moving to America, changes in diet may be a leading contributing factor. Diets high in fat do increase testosterone, which is the main component in DHT. More research needs to be done on this topic to reach conclusive evidence, although it certainly could not hurt to lower one's fat intake.

There are a number of foods and substances to avoid and limit the intake of. Substances such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar and nicotine can deplete the body of nutrients and raise adrenal levels, which will cause a chain reaction of producing more androgen and causing hair loss. High levels of saturated fat and cholesterol rich foods are also linked to increased DHT levels and their consumption should be limited. Additionally, common table salt has been linked to hair loss. And the average diet provides the recommended amount of sodium intake; therefore, salt should never be added to food. However, when using salt for seasoning during cooking, be sure to use salt with Iodine being that it is a nutrient that is vital to hair growth as well, unless you are a regular consumer of seafood, which contains high levels of Iodine.

Although hair loss can be caused by many other variables, lack of proper nutrition will assuredly cause hair loss in many people. Fortunately, adopting a proper diet that includes the proper nutrients can reverse hair loss caused by malnutrition. One thing for certain, regardless of whether your hair loss was caused by malnutrition or not, adopting a healthier diet will help the function of other areas of the body.

There are some methods that have been used that prevent hair loss on some people, in addition to the dietary improvements, there are some naturopathic remedy suggestions. Massage and aromatherapy have been used with some success. In minor cases of temporary hair loss, hair growth can be stimulated by massage, since blood and oxygen flow to the scalp must be healthy in order for hair to grow. A blend of six drops each of lavender and bay essential oils in a base of four ounces of either almond, soybean or sesame oil massaged into the scalp and allowed to sit for 20 minutes has been used by aroma therapists to stimulate the scalp. Once the mixture is in the scalp for 20 minutes, wash your hair and scalp with your normal shampoo mixed with three drops of bay essential oil. Massaging the scalp in general for a couple of minutes a day can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and in mild cases stimulate some hair growth. Of course, one must be careful to be gentle when massaging and not tug at the hair or use the fingernails when massaging the scalp. If one is concerned about fingernails getting in the way due to extra long fingernails, there are several options. One is a flat-handed massage, which while not as effective as the finger massage can provide some circulatory benefits and results.

There are several electric massagers on the market that have an attachment for scalp massaging as well. An oriental method called Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Kung) has been used to increase circulation to the scalp and face also. The fingers should be placed at the center of the skull base and then begin to tap approximately 30 times. Work your way outward toward the ears continuing to tap gently. After reaching the ears go back to the center of the skull a little higher up and work your way around to the ear region. Keep going up about eight levels, each time repeating the process.

There is a definite connection between the prostate and hair loss for men, and therefore a connection between breakthroughs in BPH treatments developed and their effectiveness in restoring hair growth. There have been some herbalists that have experimented with the herb Saw Palmetto in order to block the production of DHT in treating BPH. Although most studies of Saw Palmetto have been for the treatment of prostatic disease, more recent studies have been conducted on its effectiveness in treating loss. The herb has been found to work in fighting benign prostatic disease by lowering levels of DHT, which is a known cause of androgenetic alopecia. Studies have shown Saw Palmetto extract is an effective anti-androgen and therefore there is promise for its effectiveness as an effective treatment for hair loss prevention.

Rosemary and sage are two herbs that have shown benefit traditionally when used externally. It is suggested that to promote a clean scalp, stimulation of the hair root, and thickening hair one should boil together in water rosemary, sage, peach leaf, nettle and burdock. Then strain the loose herbs from the liquid and use the liquid to wash the hair daily. Also recommended is steeping one ounce of ground rosemary, two ounces of ground sage, and a half ounce of ground nettles in one pint of ethyl alcohol for a week, straining the solution and adding one ounce of castor oil and one ounce of water to the liquid. This is said to make a great hair lotion to apply at night before bed or just before shampooing.

Hair is a living protein, and as with any living part of our bodies we must be sure to maintain proper health to optimize our chances of maintaining a healthy head of hair. Proper nutrition is vital to maintaining healthy hair, since the hair is a living and growing part of the body's system. Viewing it in this manner can help us to treat our bodies different and raise expectations through proper care. A healthy balanced diet, occasionally with the help of vitamin and mineral supplements and exercise are all key components to a healthy regimen of maintaining healthy hair.

There is an obvious link to hair loss and prostatic health and this only increases the pace of hair loss discoveries. Most treatments for prostatic diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) also have the pleasant side affect of growing hair on the heads of those taking it. With the pace of research and discoveries today, there is a great deal of optimism in the field of hair loss prevention and treatment. Hair is an important part of our dress and appearance, therefore a large part of our self-esteem. It is likely that there are answers for your situation presently or coming in the near future.

Remember, the restoration of hair growth is not an overnight process. The process takes time regardless of the method chosen. Be patient and follow as much of the advice given by professionals as possible. Keep in mind that the body is a system, and it is the abuse of this system by food intake and environmental causes that lead to most common hair loss.

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The Differences in Hair Loss Treatments for Men and Women

The Differences in Hair Loss Treatments for Men and Women by Judy Wellsworth

What are the differences in hair loss treatments for men and women and why? There are many difference between such treatments because the chemical make up of men and women are so different. The hair loss treatments for women have to be more specific because of the various reasons why they begin to lose their hair.

Most women experience hair loss due to changes with their hormones. Researchers and manufacturers know this and use it when they market various hair loss products. This often results in these treatments being more effective than those for men because they are designed for a specific hair loss issue. For men, hair loss is very often a genetic factor meaning their father, brothers, grandfather, etc. have suffered the same type of hair loss. They will need to use hair loss products that work by stimulating the scalps so new hair can grow.

It is very important to realize that different hair loss products should be used by different people. It is a good idea to consult your doctor before you start using any type of hair loss treatment.

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Hair Loss In Men - The Contributing Factors

Hair Loss In Men - The Contributing Factors by Mike Jones

Hair Loss In Men - The Warning Signs
With hair loss in men, hair at the temples recedes and the crown can also begin to thin.

Eventually a horse shoe pattern around the sides of the head appears.

The main signs of hair loss in men:

Receding hairline

Moderate to extensive hair loss, particularly on the crown of the head
About ninety-five percent of hair loss in men is attributable to Androgenic Alopecia also know as male pattern baldness.

Some believe this condition includes three factors:
  • age
  • heredity
  • the male hormone testosterone
As hair loss in men progresses, the hair becomes finer, does not grow so long and the bald spot at the crown widens.

Finally, the thinning crown and the receding points may meet forming a horseshoe pattern with hair around the sides of the head.

Hair loss in men can begin as early as 20 although for the majority of men, hair loss is more noticeable from the age of 35 to 40.

The Main Culprit For Hair Loss In Men - DHT

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is recognized as a main culprit. DHT is a combination of testosterone and androgen receptors mixed with sebum and dirt particles. Some hair follicles are particularly sensitive to DHT and tend to shrink when exposed to it. Finally the hair follicle may shut down altogether and the hair falls out.

Another condition is called Alopecia Areata, in which hair comes out by the roots in one or more spots. It is much less common than Androgenic Alopecia.

Other causes of hair loss in men can include scalp infections, nutritional deficiency, systemic illness, and severe stress.

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Hair Loss Causes and Treatment for Men

Hair Loss Causes and Treatment for Men by Eliza Maledevic Ayson

Men, as they grew older experience hair loss. Actually, it is part of aging.

Yes, hair loss seems to be a problem to a lot of men out there, but they are treatments that they can make use of to solve such problem. Usually, baldness occurs on the top of the hair in men. It is referred to men as Male Pattern Baldness. Androgentic Alopecia often runs in families and it accounts for about 95% of all hair loss.

Androgenetic Alopecia plays the main role in hair loss in men and in women as well. Men and even women fabricate testosterone and this testosterone can be changed into DHT or dihydrotestosterone with the help of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. This DHT shrinks the hair follicles in which makes the membranes in the scalp to thicken and will soon turn out to be inelastic and will limit the blood flow. And because of these the hair follicles will weaken and as soon as the hair falls out, it will not be replaced anymore.

Having hair loss, Androgenetic Alopecia is one of the reasons but there are still other factors that can cause hair loss to men. Having too much of vitamin A can cause hair loss. Some medical conditions such as ringworm, hypothyroidism and fungal infections are also causes of hair loss to men and even to women. Being emotional stress can cause hair loss as well but this shows off until the third or fourth months after the stressful situation has occurred.

Indeed, hair loss is a problem to men, but there are ways to solve and even to prevent such problem. There are plenty of ways that men with hair loss can do.

First, you can do some exercising. Stress and anxiety are factors of having hair loss, so you can do exercising or some physical activities in order to reduce or lessen the stress and anxiety levels.

Second, you can avoid too much Vitamin A, since as mentioned earlier that too much Vitamin A can cause hair loss, it would be wiser to lessen or avoid plenty of Vitamin A.

Third, you can make use of herbal remedy. A lot of men or even women are afraid to make use of prescribed medications because of the risks of having side effects. So if you are one of them, then you can make use of herbal remedy. Herbal remedy can help you solve and prevent your hair loss. There are a lot of herbal remedies out there that you can take in order to help you out with your hair loss. One of these herbal remedies that you can take is Provillus. Provillus for men is herbal remedy that blocks DHT, which is the main cause of hair loss, to get into your body. So it can solve your hair loss naturally, effectively and with no side effects.

There are five proteins namely cystine, cysteine, methionine, arginine and lysine that are related to hair growth. So as an advice, it would be better to eat enough amount of protein.

Taking care of your hair and scalp are helpful ways to prevent hair loss as well. Do not use too much chemicals that can be harmful to scalp. It would be wiser to make use of mild shampoos and conditioner for your hair.

Herbal remedy can block the formation of DHT, so for men out there who are suffering from hair loss, these can be the one of the effective way to handle hair loss.

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Hair Loss Treatments For Men

Hair Loss Treatments For Men by Judy Wellsworth

Hair loss is a very common problem for both men and women. It can lead to anxiety, hurt a person's self confidence, and it can lead to mental and emotion problems. This information has lead many manufacturers to market various hair loss treatments. While some of them work well others are simply a waste of money.

For men, there are several very effective hair loss treatments to choose from including natural essential oils, natural herbs, medications, shampoos, serums, lotions, and conditioners. Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Rogaine are among the most popular hair loss treatments for men. Finasteride is often sold under the name of Propecia. Rogaine has to be used twice each day for a period of three to four months before you will see results.

Minoxidil is a very effective hair loss treatment for younger males to try. It does come with some irritating side effects though including a dry, itchy scalp. It can also affect a person's libido if it is used for long periods of time. To avoid such common side effects, many men choose to try natural hair loss remedies including Dr. Proctor, Thymuskin, Viviscal, Hair Genesis, Revivogen, Tricomin, and Nisim.

Dr. Proctor's Hair Regrowth shampoo is a very popular natural hair loss product because it doesn't contain any dangerous chemicals. Thymuskin is more effective for women than men by about 20%. It works by removing debris, dirt, and oil from the hair follicles. The main ingredient is Thymus Peptides that offer a deep cleansing. Viviscal shampoo helps to maintain healthy hair. It is available as a lotion, shampoo, or an oral pill. Hair Genesis products are also available as conditioners, topical serums, oral supplements, and hair regrowth shampoo. This products works by stopping the DHT blockers.

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Provillus: Beneficial Herbal Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Provillus: Beneficial Herbal Hair Loss Treatment for Men by Alan Anderson

Men round the world, men are facing hair loss, which can be a source of low self-esteem as well. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main cause for hair loss amongst men.

Dihydrotestosterone is the by-product of testosterone, a sex hormone. Testosterone is responsible for defining the male-specific characteristics in men during initial stage of development. After a while this sex hormone, testosterone transforms into Dihydrotestosterone. The increase in the number of Dihydrotestosterone clogs the hair follicles, in turn leading to thinning and weakening of hair, which causes hair loss. Provillus herbal hair loss medication works for men that too without harmful side effects.

Provillus works by blocking the activity of the DHT, in this way promoting re-growth of healthy hair. It constitutes herbal ingredients Vitamin B6, biotin, magnesium, zinc, and saw palmetto amid others.

Vitamin B6, a water-soluble vitamin is one amongst the B-complex. It is present in three chief chemical types namely pyridoxal, pyridoxine, and pyridoxamine. Vitamin B6 is extremely vital for bodily functions and its scarcity can be a reason for many disorders, which includes hair loss. It is important for immune function, nerve function, protein digestion and production of red blood cells. Vitamin B6 impedes hair loss and facilitates hair growth.

Even Biotin is one of the Vitamin B complex essential for carbohydrate and fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It is indispensable for healthy hair, skin and nails and dearth of biotin has been reflected to source hair loss.

Magnesium is a significant mineral needed for bodily chemical reactions counting protein synthesis, energy metabolism, bone structure, neuromuscular transmission, and hair growth.

Zinc is a crucial mineral required for a healthy immune system and appropriate working of enzymes. It is required for cell division and for this reason significant for nails, skin, and hair. Research testifies that zinc initiates increase in density of hair and invalidates hair loss.

Saw Palmetto extract has been revealed to lessen 5 alpha-reductase and DHT. It actually jams the receptor spots that are necessary for the concentration of DHT. It endorses hair growth by jamming the offender DHT.

Being an all natural product it is free from harmful side effects. Provillus has also been proven to be effective for women, facing hair loss problem.

If you are thinking of getting access to this hair loss treatment, then online pharmacies and street retailers are the two options, to buy Provillus in accordance to your convenience.

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Hair loss treatments to the rescue of men and women

Hair loss treatments to the rescue of men and women by Alan Anderson

Hair loss is definitely a big issue. A number of factors are responsible for hair loss; however, hormonal changes are cited as the main reason behind hair loss. To determine what the exact cause of hair loss, one should consult a doctor or a dermatologist. For hair loss treatments, there are a number of methods, which can be employed to get out of it.

In addition to the medicinal remedies one can adopt, an individual experiencing hair loss should also keep a healthy dieting habit and should do regular exercises. Rogaine, Procerin, Provillus, Tricomin are some of the drugs used to get a patient out of hair fall. Order of these drugs can be placed through online drug stores too. Online placement of such orders, make procurement of the drugs easy and fast.

With online purchase, a patient is assured of getting access to hair loss treatments with privacy and from the comfort of home. Moreover, an individual experiencing hair loss may also find a number of discounts and rebates on hair loss treatments drugs.

Men as well as women equally suffer from hair fall. In males, male pattern baldness is quite common, whereas amongst women, hair fall due to childbirth is quite prevalent. Take your share of hair loss treatments today by consulting your dermatologist or doctor and stay away from all those prying eyes.

Your share of hair loss treatments can be drugs or any other method described by your dermatologist. Do not try some drug on your own or on your friend's suggestion. However, be sure to avail the facilities offered by online drug stores to purchase your dosage for hair loss treatments. Hair loss treatments advised by a dermatologist only can rescue men and women from hair loss and nothing else can.

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How to Stop Hair Loss for Men

How to Stop Hair Loss for Men by Geraldine Prickett

This article is a must read if you want to grow longer hair, or even stop hair loss. No matter how many products or treatments you have tried, hair growth can be achieved despite years of stunted hair growth, shedding, and hair trauma. Trust me, I am speaking from personal experience. About three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of my medications and chemotherapy was hair loss and balding. Devastated by having patches of hair on my head, during recovery, I did what most people do---I bought wigs. At first, the wigs seemed like a perfect solution. But, they were really a cover up. Moreover, my niece would scream when she saw me because she couldn't recognize me with my "new wig." So, I begin using hair loss products in hopes to regrow my hair. Unfortunately, this was another unsuccessful venture. Rogaine. DHT Blockers. Minoxidil. All of these products failed to perform what they promised. Further, I spend hundreds of dollars on Minoxidil every month, only to have no hair growth and a sore scalp. Frustrated, I decided that there had to be a method or some natural product available that would grow my hair, stop my shedding, and stop my balding. Believe it or not, I found one. However, there are some things you need to know about hair loss before I tell you what worked for me.

What Causes Hair Loss? Hair loss, shedding, and balding occurs for several reasons. They may occur because of heredity, diet, lifestyle choices, or prescribed medications. Even your hair care products and styling techniques may be facilitating your hair loss or stunting your hair growth. If you are like me, a combination of these factors may be retarding your hair growth. If your diet is laden with fats, alcohol, sugars, and junk foods, you are actually inhibiting your hair's ability to grow. If you buy most, if not all, of your hair care products from traditional stores, you are most likely buying a hair-damaging useless product. Most hair care products, including most of those that claim to be "all-natural," contain synthetic emulsifiers and harsh detergents, such as Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Phosphates, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Unfortunately, these products are loaded with toxins and chemicals that actually dry and strip your hair of vital nutrients it needs to grow.

How to Grow Your Hair, Stop Balding, and Stop Hair Loss? You have to attack hair loss on the inside and the outside. A great hair growth regimen has three necessary components: a healthy eating plan, substantial water intake, and a high quality hair growth and hair care product.

Step One: A Healthy Hair Eating Plan Your hair is all protein. Thus, you need a protein rich diet, chocked fill of B Vitamins and other hair-strengthening nutrients. Increase your intake of fish. It is full of healthy proteins and essential fatty acids and natural oils your hair needs. In addition, drink a protein supplement or shake everyday. If you follow this plan, not only will your hair grow, but you will also lose weight. That is, of course, if you lay off the junk food. Remember, I warned you too much junk food above.

Step Two: Drink Water Eight to ten glasses of water is an absolute requirement. Drinking water flushes your body of toxins, chemicals, and impurities that stifle your hair growth and disrupt your hormone and enzyme imbalances. Water also transports the important nutrients your body needs throughout your body. Hate drinking water? Add lemon and Splenda to have a healthy, tasty alternative.

Step Three: Buy a High Quality Hair Growth Product I suggest you go all-natural. Unnatural hair care products are a no-no for someone who wants long-lasting, healthy hair growth. Find a hair growth product that contains powerful essential oils, natural herbs, and vitamin rich nutrients your hair needs to survive. Look for products with ingredients such as: Aloe Vera, Citrus Fruits, Jojoba, Rosemary, and Sage. Make sure you stray away from all natural products that use natural extracts. Extracts are not as powerful as essentials oils. They are a cheap substitute for the real thing. Although there are several natural hair care products on the market, not all hair growth products are created equal. Make sure you read the fine print. Most "natural" products still contain phosphates, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum, mineral oil, and other lab created humectants that ultimately damage your hair. My advice---if you can't read the ingredients, don't buy the product. When I was searching for a natural hair growth product, I found one really great buy, Beauty 4 Ashes Super Hair Growth System. Finding this company took me awhile; but Beauty 4 Ashes pretty much gives you everything you need to make your hair grow. Foremost, I checked the ingredient listings and the products contained no artificial ingredients. The system also included hair growth vitamins, a great hair healthy eating plan, and even scalp stimulating hair growth exercise routine. At first, the system may seem a bit pricey, but, boy was I impressed with the results. In 9 months, I went from patches of hair to hair just above my shoulders. Now, I am no product junkie; but I have to tell you that this product is worth the money. It does not cost an arm and leg and it is worth every penny you pay. You can find it easily at Also, check for it on Ebay. You may actually find a deal.

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