How To Prevent Hair Loss Natural Ways

Hair Loss Remedy : How To Prevent Hair Loss Natural Ways by Joe

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Natural Hair Loss Remedies: �Medicine Men� May Have Had Some Answers�Before the age of modern medicine and chemical laboratories, healers and medicine men had natural products for hair growth and replacement. Some of thee are still used today with varying results.Strictly speaking, all hair loss products could be considered �natural,� as they are produced from elements found on Earth. For purposes of this discussion, however, a �natural� remedy refers to any ingredient as it is found in nature and not altered or treated in any way before its use. Some people claim success with these methods and products, so it is worthwhile to examine a few of the most popular.

ESSENTIAL OILS: These are concentrated oils from certain plants, such as lavender, soybean, and bay. They are massaged into the scalp and are purported to assist with circulation and follicle stimulation.

EXERCISE: Any form of exercise increases and improves blood circulation to all parts of the body, including the scalp. It is believed that increased blood supply to the cells in hair follicles will maintain their health and stimulate hair production.

HERBAL COCKTAILS: (NOT FOR INGESTION): A variety of herbs are recommended, to include Rosemary, Sage, Nettle and Burdock. The advice is to boil them together, strain off the leaves, and wash the hair with the solution every day.

JOJOBA OIL: Widely used in Mexico for hundreds of years, it is massaged on the scalp, and many claim it is highly effective in stimulating new hair growth.

LOWERING DHT: DHT is formed when an enzyme in a man�s body acts upon testosterone and is believed to be responsible for the �closing-up� of hair follicles. Provillus shows a lot of prospect and may block DHT production and thus shows promise as an aide for male hair loss sufferers.
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Homeopathic physicians usually recommend that some of these treatments be used concurrently. Some have had success, but, as in all cases, different bodies respond differently to any treatment. Still, they are worth a try before more expensive methods are considered.

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How to Stop Hair Loss - Grow more Hair now

Hair Loss Remedy : How to Stop Hair Loss - Grow more Hair now by bryanlen

Hair loss can be a very disturbing problem for women and men because we live in a superficial world were people judge you by how you look and not how smart you are. Most people are becoming very aware of their overall appearance; a woman's hair must be in tip-top shape at all times.

What are the causes of hair loss? There are many reasons why people begin to lose their hair, some of the reasons include:

a. Stress: You can lose your hair if you are undergoing "life changing stress", for example if you have just lost your job or you lose someone that is dear to you etc. Losing your hair because of stress related factors is known as "telogen effluvium".

b. Hair Dyes: The excessive use of hair dyes can lead to hair loss over long periods

c. Hair Relaxers: Most hair relaxers contain certain harmful chemicals that cause hair loss after long term use.

d. Hair Styles: There are some hair styles that often lead to a residing hair line or hair loss, for example, tight braids and too-tight pony tails.

e. Dandruff: This cuts off blood circulation to the roots of the hair, disrupts the hair from breathing and receiving adequate nourishment.

f. Illness: This can affect the growth of hair and lead to hair loss. This affects both men and women

g. Poor Diet: Bad eating habits can also lead to hair loss

h. Genetic Factors: Hair loss can be caused by genes passed down from parent to child. For instance most bald men have bald fathers.

i. Infection: This condition is also known to cause hair loss but hair loss stops as soon as the infection or illness is cured.

j. ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA: this is a condition that affects the scalp (and other parts of the body), it is caused by deficiencies in the immune system.

k. Pregnancy And Child Birth: Women usually experience hair loss during their pregnancy and after giving birth to their child. How to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss can be treated using various methods, some of which include:

Natural Treatments To Stop Hair Loss

� Take your vitamins - Vitamins A is great anti-oxidant, it stimulates the production of "sebum" in the scalp. Vitamin E helps to stimulate circulation of blood in the scalp, which is very good for keeping hair follicles active/productive. Vitamin B is great for maintaining your hair colour, in a nutshell; it gives your hair a healthy looking colour.

� Saw Palmetto: In small quantities, this herb can be used for preventing hair loss in (some) men.

� Scalp massage: Massaging the scalp will help to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. You can massage your scalp for a couple of minutes every day because good blood flow is essential for hair follicles to be productive.

� Nettle root: Studies have shown that nettle root can be used to stop hair loss and may also stimulate hair growth too.

� Any one of these juices: you can rub your scalp with any of the juices extracted from garlic, ginger or onions. Please note: you can only use one of these juices, do not mix any of the three!

Other herbs that can be used in order to stop hair loss are: Green tea, Horsetail extracts, Ginko bilboba and Pygeum.

� Eat healthy: Eat foods rich in nutrients, include lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet because these foods are known to help improve hair growth.

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