Can shampoo help hair loss

Hair Loss Remedy : Can shampoo help hair loss by Polr Glasgow

Hair loss is a very common occuence in men aged over 25. It is widespread and yet it is something that men find it increasingly hard to deal with. In this image obsessed age where more men than ever are using beauty products it is only natural that more men will want to try out anti hair loss shampoos.

There are a number of different reasons that men go bald. The most common is male pattern baldness. If your father and some of your relatives are bald there is a good chance you will end up bald too. A high level of testosterone in the body has been found to kill hair cells on the scalp as well as lead to more hair growth throughout the rest of the body. This leads to a strange situation where men who are considered hairy can be more succeptible to hair loss. Stress is also a cause of hair loss as well as ill health.

Men react in different ways to hair loss. The first way would be denial which usually involves covering up certain parts of the head with hair from other parts. The classic comb over effect is a tricky one to pull off and it doesn't look great. The next phase is usually hat wearing. See Fred Durst for an example. The most common way men deal with it is o just shave it off. This shows acceptance and I think that's why so many men go for it. It also beats a comb over hands down. It's not for everyone though. On some people it can look downright scary.

When shampoos or other potions are mentioned in the context of hair loss it is quite easy to view them as voodoo potions or quick fix scams. This depends on what kind of hair loss has occurred. If it is non hereditary then shampoos can help delay the effects of hair loss by managing the chemical balance of the scalp and ensuring the best conditions for the roots.

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