A Guide To Natural Hair Loss Regrowth

Hair Regrowth Articles : A Guide To Natural Hair Loss Regrowth by Rob Hawkins

With 30 million women and over 50 million men in the US alone suffering from balding, the hair loss regrowth products are flooding the market. However, many do not work and are unproven, so here is a brief guide to the natural ingredients that really can help.

The first thing to know about hair loss regrowth is the cause of losing your hair in the first place, and then to discover what the best ingredients are to combat it.

In the vast majority of cases it's down to hormonal causes and a testosterone by-product called DHT being the main culprit as it attaches to the follicles causing the hair to fall out and stopping new hair from growing.

The good news is that there are some specific vitamins and minerals and herb extracts that can stop this excess DHT from forming, along with another ingredient called Minoxidil which you can apply topically to your scalp to compliment the nutrients.

The best ones are Biotin, vitamin B, magnesium and zinc. The best herb extracts are Saw Palmetto, Muria Puama and Nettle Root, all of which have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years for hair loss growth.

These are also essential for immune function, skin and nail health, protein digestion and healthy red blood cells as well as hair loss regrowth.

You want to keep a healthy, full head of hair for as long as possible and these ingredients not only help you keep the hair you have, they also provide the nutritional support you need to maintain optimum hair growth and normal follicle function.

The change cannot happen overnight as there is no miracle cure for hair loss growth, but you will soon start seeing your hair returning over the months, helping to make you look younger and increasing your confidence and your overall health at the same time.

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