Natural Regrowth of Lost Hair- What You Need to Know

Natural Regrowth of Lost Hair- What You Need to Know by Gerry Restrivera

Losing hair is a natural occurrence and most people lose about 100-150 strands of hair a day. If you are losing more than the usual daily hair loss, of course you want to know the best ways to regrow your lost hair. It is a very frustrating condition to suffer from hair loss problems and do not know what to do. Unknown chemicals and treatments could harm your hair more. It is still best to find a treatment that promotes natural regrowth of lost hair.

If you have health conditions, you have to consult your doctor because losing hair can be a symptom of other health issues. But if you know you have no health conditions, here are some tips on how to attain natural regrowth of lost hair.

Get enough rest. Lack of sleep and rest can result to stress which can influence hair loss problems. People have different reactions to stress and some experience hair thinning and falling when under extreme stress. To encourage natural regrowth of lost hair, get enough sleep to relax and release your stress. Relaxation techniques like yoga and regular exercise can help release stress and stop hair loss problems.

Vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss and it is important to nourish yourself with enough vitamins and nutrients necessary for your overall health including your hair and scalp. Biotin, B-vitamin is essential to encourage natural regrowth of lost hair, it is also good for the health of your skin and nails. Biotin is found on foods like egg yolks, liver, milk, cheese, banana, peas and watermelon. Other B-vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12 are also important for your hair health and growth. Other vitamins essential for hair health are Vitamin A, C, copper, iron and zinc. Foods rich in protein and natural oils are also helpful in regrowing lost hair. Of course a well-balanced diet is important for your overall health.
Oral vitamin supplements also promote natural regrowth of lost hair and block DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a form of testosterone responsible for 95% of hair loss problems. To discover more how it works and how to regrow hair naturally visit Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

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