Curly Hair � Usage Of The Right Shampoo!

Hair Loss Remedy : Curly Hair � Usage Of The Right Shampoo! - Author: Vijay Koragappa Shetty

Shampoo is required to remove dirt and oiliness of the scalp. People with curly hair must look for a shampoo that consists of wheat germ oil, shea butter and nut oils. Oil in the scalp does not reach the hair shaft and hence shea butter based ones are good. The secret is to lock out humidity and keep hair moisturized and well hydrated. Keeping hair hydrated is very important to avoid frizziness and split ends.

People with curly follicles need flattening shampoos. You need products which have corn, rice base or wheat protein in them. These are rich in amino acids and are required to strengthen follicle shaft. Jojoba oil, panthenol can add moisture to your shafts and maintain the bounce. Even after removing grime and dirt, they still retain the moisture in them.

Products that contain rice, corn or wheat proteins contain amino acids that strengthen protein bonds in the follicle shaft. Use of Panthenol and Jojoba Oil add volume and body, but more importantly, help cellular structure to maintain shape and pliability - the ability to return and keep its original form and shape. Aloe, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Chamomile are great to lock out humidity. It helps retain molecular health and forms protective shield against humidity. Make sure that it does not have a wrong alkaline balance, although it gives your follicles additional body and volume, it may cause your follicles to fall out by making them brittle and hence will drop out eventually. Change in its colour will also be damaging as alkaline can make your follicles dry. Avoid shampoos which have lot of chemicals, choose one that is mild for your hair.

After cleaning your head follow it up with conditioner. Conditioners are meant to add shine, protect hair from drying out and allow for easier combing. The job of your conditioner is to protect the cuticle layer and maintain a proper balance for healthy and shiny hair. Unnatural and chemical conditioners are just as damaging as shampoo. Try and use aloevera, beer, fenugreek seeds paste (soaked and grinded in water is formed a thick paste) can be applied as natural conditioners, they can make your follicles soft and cause no damage to your hair.

Experts say that shampoo, hair moisturizers, mousses and gels, as well as other products will actually provide better results if the acid balance is pH 4.5 - pH 5.5. Choose it carefully!

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