Hair Loss Thinning and How To Avoid It

The fact is that over eighty million men and women in the US are experiencing thinning hair and it's on the increase. Hair loss thinning is the first stage of the most common type male and female pattern baldness. The good news is there are effective ingredients to combat this once you know what they are.
There are far too many sub-standard products for hair loss thinning today and most of them don't work. It's important to understand what you need to look for so you don't waste time, especially as even the most successful treatment can take up to six months to begin to work properly.
The thinning process can go on for a long time and it's estimated that you can lose up to forty percent of your hair before it becomes visible!
The reason it thins out so much is generally attributed to a hormone called DHT which gradually chokes the follicles until the hairs become thin and weak and eventually fall out.
The best remedies work to block DHT and allow new hair to grow from the affected follicles and some of the best ingredients to look for are Minoxidil, Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root and Horsetail.
Minoxidil has been approved by the FDA and is proven to be effective at inhibiting DHT and boosting circulation to the scalp. The other ones are herb extracts that have long been used to treat many ailments, including thinning hair.
The earlier you can start a quality, proven treatment the better and the more successful the outcome will be. Patience is also necessary as I mentioned earlier and you need to stick with it for a while before you start to see the results.
Most of us suffer from a poor diet, even if we try to eat healthily! The food we eat today only has around 15 -20% of the nutritional value it had fifty years ago, so it is wise to get some of the best minerals and vitamins to build strong, healthy hair.
The most effective ones are magnesium, zinc, biotin and vitamin B6 and will help to boost your immune system, circulation and fend off those annoying cold and the flu as well.
I hope you can see that hair loss thinning doesn't mean a lifetime with no hair but for the majority of people is easily treatable and can return not only your hair but your confidence and self-esteem too.
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