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While thinning and balding hair are often associated with the aging process, hair loss can occur in very young adults. In fact, male pattern baldness has been known to show its first signs in men as young as 15 years old. While it's most commonly seen in middle-aged men, it is not at all rare to see many cases of male pattern baldness in men in their 20s and early 30s.

Generally, genetics may play a large role in an individual's thinning hair timeline. If you have several relatives who experienced hair loss in their younger days, then it's likely that you'll be prone to a similar experience. While it used to be widely believed that the balding trait was passed down from the material side, experts now trust that it is inherited from both parents.

Regardless of your age, you probably want a straightforward, non-invasive treatment for hair loss. Many hair loss treatments on today's market offer unfortunate side effects or major procedures. It's no wonder that so many individuals feel frustrated with the treatment for hair loss options available.

Male Hair Loss Treatment

As DHT buildup is one of the main causes of thinning hair, it's imperative that the male hair loss treatment you choose tackles this specific problem. So, why is DHT such a common predicament for male scalps? Well, it's simple; DHT is short for dihydrotestosterone, which is a converted form of the male sex hormone testosterone.

Of course, all males produce testosterone so it's no surprise that so many men have issues with DHT buildup. Basically, DHT becomes an issue when it makes itself comfortable in your hair follicles. When it resides there, it essentially blocks the follicular openings, making it difficult for hair to pass through them. If new hair cannot easily grow through the follicles, then the entire growth cycle is assaulted. Over time, if the follicles aren't freed from the DHT blockages, hair growth may simply cease.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

If you've been researching hair loss treatments and you're a female, you may feel a little overlooked. Male pattern baldness is far more common than female baldness�approximately 35 million men live with this condition, as opposed to 21 million women�and what's more, men are generally more comfortable discussing this matter. However, Kevis has designed a line of hair rejuvenating products that won't make you feel like you're raiding the men's locker room.

Of course you want to protect and revitalize your hair�but you want beautiful, glossy hair as well. Unlike some harsh treatments that strip your hair, leaving it dull and limp, our lotions and shampoos are formulated with HUCP, a form of hyaluronic acid, a substance that keeps cells hydrated and well lubricated. This makes our products the perfect hair loss treatment for the discriminating female.

DHT Blocker

While reasons for hair loss can encompass a variety of factors, such as illness or trauma to the hair, the most common culprit is the DHT hormone. DHT essentially inhibits normal, healthy hair growth, causing the follicle to enter dormancy and possibly ending in its demise. Because of this, those suffering from hair loss can benefit from a DHT blocker, which can help promote healthy hair in a scientific and safe way.

One cutting-edge DHT blocker is hyaluronic acid, also known as HUCP when it carries a specific high molecular weight. Patented by Kevis, and present in our product line, HUCP promotes hair strength and longevity by creating robust, hydrated hair as it permeates the scalp, preventing follicles from filling with DHT. Ultimately, by using natural ingredients which capitalize on established human biochemical interactions, the Kevis Hair Improvement System creates an environment in which your hair can strive and thrive.

Hair Loss Medication

Hair loss is a problem that affects a wide variety of people from all walks of life including both men and women. Consequently, there have been many different products and programs created to address the needs of those who wish to stop or prevent hair loss. Prescription hair loss medication is widely available these days, and in many cases it has produced reliable results.

Unfortunately, most types of hair loss medication carry the risk of possible side effects that users have to worry about. These side effects may include itchy scalp, headache, blurred vision, hypotension, acne, sexual dysfunction, chest pain and increased hair loss. There may also be a risk of drug interaction with other medications taken at the same time. All types of hair loss medication should only be used under a doctor's supervision.

Hair Loss Drugs

Due to the pervasive issue of hair loss in both men and women, many hair loss drugs have become available. Certain hair loss drugs require a doctor's prescription but it's wise to consult your doctor even before you begin taking any non-prescription hair loss drugs. Most hair loss drugs may cause side effects in users, such as itchy scalp, headache, facial swelling and decreased sexual desire.

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

In an ideal world, we'd all never have to take any medication of any kind. We'd all like to keep our bodies as natural and free of toxins as possible. While this ideal is not always achievable, our Kevis team has taken you one step closer to it; we offer natural treatments for hair loss so you don't have to take hair loss drugs to get the full head of hair you want.

What Are Natural Treatments for Hair Loss?

While there are other natural treatments for hair loss available, few have been shown to be as effective as the Kevis system. In clinical studies, we have shown an extremely high success rate �92%. The timeframe for results does vary from individual to individual; however, most of our clients see positive changes in their hair's texture and appearance within a few weeks.

Other natural treatments for hair loss include vitamins, aromatherapy, massage and certain natural herbs. If you are taking extra vitamins to aid hair growth, make sure to consult your physician; taking too many vitamins can be detrimental to your health. In fact, a possible side effect of taking too many vitamins is thinning hair so you certainly want to make sure you aren't working against yourself!

The Kevis system is one of the most natural treatments for hair loss since every single one of our products is completely drug-free. You don't have to even think about possible side effects since you won't get any with Kevis.

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