To Regrow Hair, There Are Products That Really Work

Both male and female hair loss is most often the result of androgenic alopecia. It's usually shortened to alopecia when referring to baldness in women, and commonly called male pattern baldness when it occurs in men. Many people who suffer from hair loss find it affects their confidence levels and self esteem.

Androgenic alopecia is the indirect result of a genetic trait you inherited from your parents. This genetic inheritance results in some hormonal differences. The result of these differences is that when you reach a certain age, your hair will begin to thin, eventually falling out.

There are multitudinous treatments advertised to 'cure' baldness. Sadly, the majority of these treatments are designed simply to make a profit off of the many men and women who find balding undesirable. Their products can't regrow hair, nor can they stop--or even slow--the loss of hair. Scientific studies have shown, again and again, that these products do not work and will not work, yet these companies persist.

But there's no reason whatsoever to pour your hopes, time, or money into these useless gimmicks. There are products that do work, and you can have complete faith in them. That's because the active ingredients they include have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration as being suitable for and successful in treating hair loss and effectively regrowing hair.

One such effective ingredient is Minoxidil. Not only does minoxidil work, but it is the active ingredient that works for the most people. Actually, it is the one and only medication that the FDA has approved to treat androgenic alopecia as it occurs in female patients. Minoxidil doesn't affect your genes, of course, but it can, and does, affect the hormones that are responsible for causing this type of hair loss.

Only a medication like minoxidil can regrow your hair. There are additional things you should do, in addition to using an approved medicine, which will ensure that your new hair is as strong and vibrant as it possibly can be. The only thing better than having your own hair regrow is to have it regrow even better than it was before.

Regrowing your own hair might seem like the very best thing that could happen--but regrowing your own hair, and having it return healthier and shinier than ever is even better. Only a proven medication will bring your hair back, but there are additional steps you can take to make it grow back better than ever.

For this, nutrition is crucial. Many of the vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B6 and biotin, have a direct effect on your hair's health. If you're not sure you're getting sufficient amounts of these nutrients in your diet, consider a supplement.

Until you commence treatment with an FDA approved treatment to regrow hair, you won't see the results you deserve.

The only real solution for baldness is to Regrow Hair using proven medications--don't settle for being bald, and don't spend money on products that can't deliver.

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