Best 5 Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss? Many of us are trying to get rid of this problem right? Let me give you some shampoos that can help you solve this problem. Here are the Best 5 Hair Loss Shampoos you would like to try.

1. Dandruff anti-inflammatory shampoos � By far the most popular of this type of hair loss shampoo is called nizoral; it really helps with any kind of scalp pain, but at the cost of drying up your scalp and hair. This dryness just makes your scalp feel worse in the end.

2. Hair Genesis Shampoo � Hair Genesis has a full range of hair products, however, their best product is the shampoo. It�s very high quality and it doesn�t coat your scalp or make any fine hair stick to your scalp.

3. Care C Hair Loss Shampoo � This is a natural product that contains a good deal of the Chinese herb ginseng. It comes from Mexico, and the product is so usual that the shampoo is completely clear. You must shake it before use though since all the ingredients have a habit of sinking to the bottom.

4. Phytocyane �Phytocyane contains real grape seed extract, Chinese herb ginkgo biloba, and a good deal of vitamins. Your hair basically glows after use.

5. Dead Sea Hair Loss Shampoo - the shampoo contains dead sea minerals and nutrients �it actually does a wonderful job cleaning the hair and scalp and is very conditioning. You can actually use this product as a standalone with no need for a conditioner.

It�s really good to know these information. To find the perfect hair loss shampoo, you first need to classify exactly what you are searching for in a hair loss product. And then, when you�re done formulating all of those, it is the time to look for a Hair Loss Shampoo.

You can check out these hair loss products here!

Top 3 Vitamins to Fight Hair Loss

Now a days, Hair Loss is a very common problem of some people particularly boys. Let me share you the Top 3 Vitamins that can fight hair loss so that you can use it on your diet against hair loss. These vitamins are commonly found on the food that we are eating.

1. Vitamin A
It is a key component to developing healthy cells and tissues in the body, which also includes the hair. It works with silica and zinc to prevent drying and blockage of the sebaceous glands, which is an important lubricant for the hair follicle. Vitamin A deficiencies commonly thickens the scalp, dry hair, and dandruff.

Is in charge for the growth of a healthy collagen, which is essential to hold body tissues together. A vitamin C deficiency can cause split ends and hair breakage, yet this is easily reversible with an increase to normal vitamin C levels.

3. Vitamin E 
This is necessary to supply good blood circulation to the scalp by increasing the uptake of oxygen. Vitamin is mostly taken from green leafy vegetables, grains, nuts, vegetable oils and a lot more.

So those are our Top 3 Vitamins that can fight Hair Loss. But do not forget to consume more water. Water is still the best vitamin. I hope you did find this article informative and helpful to you. You can check more hair loss tips here too.

Short Wedding Hair Styles

So, you have the wedding dress, the venue, the band and the church and yet you still have no idea what to do with your new hip short hair style. Then look no further, as we will offer you nothing but good advice on short wedding hair styles.

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Virtual Hair Styling - Try Hairstyles And Colors Without Commitment

Virtual hair styling is an extremely useful online program which allows you to upload a photo of your face and view yourself with endless different hairstyles, hair colors, lengths and textures. This is a wonderful tool to use if you are thinking about a change of hair color or style, as you can see exactly how it will look on you before you go through with the change.
It's ok to see a hairstyle or hair color on a model in a magazine and think "That's lovely, I want to look like that!" Then you take the magazine to your hair stylist and they snip away (or color away) until you have the look you wanted. However, what looks good on a model in a magazine will look completely different on you, and you may find that the hairstyle or color you wanted does not look quite how you hoped it would on you.
Remember that everyone is unique. Our complexions and features vary greatly, and this determines which hairstyles and hair colors suit us. If you see a hair style or color that you like, the best way to know for sure whether or not it will suit you is to use virtual hair styling. This way, your photo is uploaded and images of virtual hairstyles and colors are loaded around your face. It's the next best thing to having it done for real, but this way, there is no risk of disappointment if it looks different to what you were expecting.
You wear your hair every day of your life. It's not the same as an outfit that you can choose not to wear if it doesn't look good. Therefore, virtual hair styling allows you to see in advance the best hairstyles and hair colors for you, with no commitment. There's no risk this way, and you may find that you become a little more adventurous with styles and colors if you can try things out first.
Maybe you are brunette and have always fancied yourself as a blonde, but have never wanted to risk it in case it doesn't suit you. Or maybe you have always worn your hair in a certain style because you don't know if anything else will look good on you.
If you have short hair, and wonder how it would look if it were longer, virtual hair styling shows you instantly.
No need to wait. No need to worry. The options are endless.
Virtual hair styling gives you the freedom to try all the options you desire. You may even find that after trying a few styles and colors, you get more adventurous and try out others that you would never dare try out in reality. But hey, this is virtual hair styling and it can all be undone with a simple click !
The best virtual hair styling programs will let you try thousands of hairstyles and hair colors, along with different textures, thicknesses and lengths. This way, you have every option available that you can possibly think of.
I know of one program which shows your image in 3D. This makes it possible to see how your new hairstyle will look from the front, side and back - just as other people see us, in fact. You can't really get much more realistic!
Some virtual hair styling programs have a range of hairstyles for special occasions like weddings or the prom. This is especially useful for times such as these, as it's vital that you look perfect. Virtual hair styling assists you in finding your perfect style. You'll know in advance how wonderful your hair is going to look - because you've already tried it online!
Apart from bridal hairstyles, and prom hairstyles, some programs even have emo hair cuts, braided hairstyles, dreadlock hairstyles, punk and extreme hairstyles and more.
The celebrity hairstyles feature on some virtual hair styling programs enables you to see yourself with the same hairstyle and color as your favourite celebrity - see how glamorous you look !
Virtual hair styling is a fantastic way to try new hairstyles, new hair colors and see a new you without the commitment.

4 Steps to Designing Your Hair Style

Most women look to celebrities when they want a new hair style. Sometimes this can spell disaster for some people. Hair styles are not a one size fits all. There are many different factors that can make of break a certain hair style. For example, consider your hair texture. If you have very thick hair, you don't want to pick a celebrity hair style that is for thin hair. Sometimes it will work, but most often you are asking for trouble.
Another example, if you have very frizzy hair, you don't want to go with lots of short layers. The shorter your hair, the more the frizziness will be visible and the hair will be much harder to control. So, there has to be some judgement calls when you bring in your favorite celebrity hair style photo to your stylist and say copy that.
If you have a good hair stylist, he or she may tell you right off that that style will not work for you because of your hair texture, hair type, etc. This is a good thing. I once took a picture of a medium length dark blonde layered hair style photo of Jodie Foster to my stylist and said that I really wanted that look. My stylist told me that first the color choice was not appropriate for my skin tones and that the hair style featured lots of layering (and I had been complaining about existing layering all over the place) So instead of creating the exact hair style, she went with a modified style and added a few highlights that were more suitable for my skin tone. I was very happy with the outcome.
In the end, Designing your own hair style can be the best way to get a flattering hair style that works for your hair and skin tones. Here are 4 easy steps that you can take to design your own look.
1. Start with your face shape. Pull all the hair off your face and stand in front of a mirror. Trace the outline of your face in the mirror with something that is removable-i.e. soap, dry erase marker. Stand back and look at the shape you have drawn. What shape does it most resemble? Oval, Circle, Rectangle, Heart, Inverted Triangle or Diamond.
2. Find out which celebrities have your face shape and start looking at all the different hair style options those celebrities are wearing.
3. Write down which features of those hair styles you like. Maybe you like the side swept bangs from one celebrity hair style and the long layering from another hair style. Make copies of all the hair style features that you like.
4. Go to your stylist with your photos and notes. Show the stylist what features you like ask him/her to design a hair style for you that features those main features that you like.
It is always important to ask the stylist about each facet of the hair style. He or she may be able to give you some advice on what will work best for you. You can get a flattering hair style, it will just require a little bit of work. If the first hair cut doesn't suit you, remember that you need to keep tweeking it. Sometimes it can take years to get the best style.

Do It Yourself Hair Styling Tools

Style and fashion is a reflection of the era we live in. Modern era adds a unique statement to fashion. Now days, almost everyone sport a different hairstyle. Latest hair styles, hair strengtheners and Hair damage prevention have shown that hair care has taken an entire new dimension. All this is thanks to the various hair styling tools and appliance available in the market.
Confusing as it may seem. The varied number of tools serves their own purpose and knowing how to use them can benefit in your hair styling venture. From curling, crimping, smoothening and straightening your hair; right to combs and brushes the variety may astound you. The questions you need to pose are?
o What hair styling tools do I need?
o Will that tool work on my hair?
o What is the function of this styling tool?
Wide toothed combs are designed to detangle and smooth hair that is dried using a towel where as small toothed combs are designed for smoothing and finishing short hair styles. Conditioning your hair will give better results and using a detangling spray is also helpful.
The idea of brushes is similar to that of combs. But the number of bristles and space between them as well as shapes and sizes vary such that they appear a wide variety of them. Bristled brushes are used for finishing and smoothing a hair style. These are also used for distributing natural oils and massaging the scalp to maintain hair and scalp health. Other types of brushes that are used in relation to other styling tools are the paddle brush which has several rows of tines on a flat base. The paddle brush is used in blow drying straightened styles. It helps to keep hair smooth and flat. Round or curved brushes have rows of tines on a flat base and in the blow drying process are used to add soft curves to styles. The vented brush has widely set rows along with a air holes or openings at the base to allow circulation of air. These are designed for use with blow dryers.
Hair Dryers
A directed stream of hot air from the hair dryer is used to dry wet hair. A good blow dryer has a concentrator attachment to narrow the stream of heated air and direct it better. The diffuser is another attachment meant to soften the stream of heated air. It is most often used to dry curly hair.
Hot rollers
For changing the curl pattern of hair hot rollers are used. These rollers use a combination of heat and moisture to cool hair, Hair is wrapped around the heated tools to curl. The roller is allowed to cool and the hair is set. It is the most convenient procedure for curling of hair.

Irons Curling/flat
If you need to straighten your hair then the flat iron is the ideal choice. Curling irons allows you to add curls in specific places. The variety of sizes and shapes could be used depending on the length of your hair. Tiny, pencil-thin barrels are used for tight spirals and large barrels for big soft curls.
Well you need latest styles you could look at the virtual hair stylist and change your hair as well as it color on an image of yours and see how it looks. If you need human hair extension you could obtain it and look good.

Hair Style Magazines? Don't Waste Money, These Are the Best

It's no secret that there is a lot of misleading beauty advice out there. So, where should you turn for the latest styles, trends and advice? A good place to start is with a leading, reputable hair style magazine or black hair magazine.

When you choose one of the leading hair style magazines or black hair magazines over other publications, you gain access to the latest trends and insider secrets in the beauty industry. No longer will you have to wait until a trend becomes popular and dozens of people are wearing it before you catch on. By subscribing to a hair magazine, you can keep your eye on the upcoming styles and get them before anyone else.
So, which magazine should you buy? Here are reviews of five of the leading hair care magazines to aid you in your decision (and details of how you can get them at discounted prices):
* American Salon. American Salon is the leading hair magazine among professionals. Inside the pages of this magazine are insider trade secrets, trends and techniques that have just been introduced by top-of-the-line beauty professionals. Here you can learn about the latest innovative products and beauty treatments, the newest cutting and color trends, and other tidbits of knowledge at the same time that the professionals do. While this magazine is great to keep informed of all that is going on in the beauty industry, it is not ideal for choosing your next hair cut. Filled with industry jargon and how-to articles, most of the information contained in this magazine would not be fully appreciated by a non-professional.

* Celebrity Hairstyles. If you're looking for all of the hot styles worn in Hollywood, Celebrity Hairstyles could be just the hair style magazine to bring it all together for you. Ever wonder how Hilary Duff and Faith Hill got those softly tousled locks? Wonder no more. Not only is this hair style magazine full of color photos of the latest celebrity styles, it also has technical how-to information that you can take along with you to the salon.
* Hype Hair. When it comes to finding a leading black hair magazine, there is none better than Hype Hair. Called the "the style handbook for today's black woman," Hype Hair features up-to-date innovative hairstyles, interviews, contests and funky fresh hair styles. From the sleek and sedate to the funky and corn rowed, there is a style for everyone in this black hair magazine.
* Modern Salon. This hair style magazine is similar to American Salon in that it caters to professionals only. Featuring the latest trends and interviews with top professionals, Modern Salon takes a fresh and modern look at the beauty industry in its entirety including nails, make-up, hair, color, skin care.

* Short Hair Styles. This is perhaps the magazine that I have seen brought into the salon most often by clients. The pages of Short Hair Styles are filled with color photos of the latest color and cutting styles. In here, you can find a cut for any texture of hair and ethnicity. From the textured spike to the soft curled, there is really a short style for everyone in this magazine.
In addition to these hair style magazines, there are several women's magazines that offer great hair care advice. Vogue, Glamour and First are just a sampling of the many magazines that feature in-depth hair care articles and advice from top hair care professionals. For many, these magazines are the best way to keep up with current trends and style ideas.
These are just a few of the many hair style magazines and black hair magazines available, but they are top of the line. Whether you're a professional or someone just looking for a cool new style, you cannot go wrong with hair style magazines. And finally, the best news is that you can get most of them at heavily discounted prices.

Teen Hair Style Ideas

There is perhaps never a better time when you can pull off the very trendy and funky hair styles as when you are a teenager. The teen hair style, while always evolving and reflecting the tastes of the generation, always tends to be a trendy style that is hard for older people to imitate and still look great. From a ton of texture to funky and fresh color techniques, the teenage cuts are always at the cutting edge of fashion.

The funky teenage hairstyle always looks like it has been taken straight off the runway. Infused with rich, trendy color, it does a lot to capture an era completely. Just think about all of the famous teenage styles, of the past. Complete generations have been defined by the trendy hairstyles worn by the teenagers of that time.
Today, top teen styles are trendier than ever and cover a wide range of shapes, lengths and textures. Perhaps for the first time, the teenager's hair style is a reflection of the person within instead of the popular teenage cultures without. I mean just think of how many popular teenage styles there are to choose from. We are no longer like the cookie-cutter generations that came before.
While there are a great deal of styles to choose from and numerous variations of each, it can be hard to find the perfect hairstyle to reflect your personality and tastes. So, if you are a teenager, here are a few ideas for your next hairstyle.
The short teen hairstyle
Hair has never been shorter. In fact, many teenage girls are now wearing their hair shorter than the boys. But one thing is always sure; the short teen style is always a trendy one. Full of texture and interest, short is never dull.
Probably the most popular short teen hair style of today is a variation on the pixie cut. Only about 1" to 1 ½" in length throughout, this style is heavily textured and can be worn in several different ways. From rigid spikes and soft funk to close-to-the-head tresses, this teen hair style accommodates a wide range of tastes.
The textured teen hair style
No matter what length your locks are, texture is needed to pull off a trendy hair style. This texture can be created through cutting and razoring techniques, it can be natural as in the case of natural curl, and it can be created chemically through perms and relaxers or thermal styling tools.
As mentioned before, today's teenage hairstyle is never boring. Not only does texture liven up your hair, it can also take a popular style and make it uniquely your own. Take for instance a simple layered style. Falling about shoulder length, this type of hairstyle would be dull if left to hang straight. But if you take the same cut and add pomade to texturize the ends or add spiral curl with tube rollers, you could really create a different look each and every day.
The teen hair style and color

Every trendy haircut needs color, and the same is true for the teenage hairstyle. Adding color can be as simple as a few highlights or lowlights or it can come in the form of dramatic changes such as dark colors for the Gothic look. Color can also be a statement of itself. Just look at the colors worn by Pink and Christina Aguilera. Their most popular teen hair style cuts were not really anything that unique, it was their color that set their teen hair style apart from others.
When choosing color for your hair do not be afraid to try something funky and unique. This may be the only time in your life that you can get by with blue highlights. Also, do not become wrapped up in choosing the same color for your teen hair style that you have seen worn by other people. Stay unique, venture out, be brave and you will always have a teen hairstyle worthy of envy.

Hair Styles

The hair style is a very important part of one's personal grooming. The way you wear your hair greatly affects the appearance of your features. In fact, your personal style is a great factor in the choice of your hairstyle as the right hairstyle projects your best qualities.

There are different hair styles for different types of hair; long styles and layered hair styles for long hair, short hair styles for short hair, and hair styles to suit occasions like weddings and proms. Those with black hair need not fret as there are now hair styles for those with black hair too. Men too are not far behind in the world of hair styles with there being quite a great variety of men's hair styles! Long style basically works out well for all types of hair- straight or curly, but looks at its best if the locks are maintained a medium-texture or is thick. Those with fine hair or a long and narrow face should avoid long styles. Short hairstyles suits all face shapes; but if you have curly hair, it's better to opt for a longer style as a short cut looks puffy. Having a fringe influences the appearance of your forehead with its length. Short fringes make your forehead look broader while a long one makes your forehead look shorter and wider. Wearing a parting straight down the center tends to add width to the forehead. Pulling back your hair highlights your jaw line and thins and elongates your neck.
Whatever the hair style, there is always one hairstyle that fits a person depending on the person's hair type, hair texture and facial features. So go on down to the beauty parlor right now, and find out which hairstyle fits you the best!

Short Hair Style? Make it Stylish, Sexy, and Chic

In all of its transformations and variations, the short hair style has always been numbered at the top of the list when it comes to versatility, style and manageability. No other style catches the eye quite like the short hairstyle and no other style makes the wearer look as professional, chic and sexy.
Short hairstyles worn by women are a fairly new style trend when compared with women's styles in general. In fact, cropped styles only came to the forefront of fashion a little more than 50 years ago. Since that time, the short hairstyle has given women the freedom to express themselves in numerous ways. From the funky and spiked to the soft and feminine, the short hair style can be worn by any woman of any personality, style and age.

Short hair no matter what the age
It has long been a held belief that an older woman should wear her hair short to make her appear younger. While there is some truth in the belief that long hair tends to make wrinkles and flaws more noticeable, shorter styles and long hair styles can both be worn by women of all ages if they choose the right style to compliment their particular face shape and bone structure.
A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to choosing a hair style to suit your age is to pay more attention to your overall appearance rather than focus too much on how old you are. For example: Trendy, spiked styles can emphasize flaws and sagging skin, but I have seen women in their 70s with exceptional bone structure wear these shorter styles and look amazing. On the other hand, I have also seen younger women try to wear these same short hair styles and not be able to quite carry it off. So, if you want to wear your hair short, pay close attention to your face shape, build and style of dress before deciding how to cut your hair.
Short hair to flatter your face
I've heard it said many times by many people, "I always wanted to wear a short hair style, but I don't look right with short hair" Ladies, this is nonsense. Granted, not every woman can wear every short style, but every woman can wear a short hairstyle that is tailor-made to compliment their face shape and beautiful features.
There are five basic face shapes: oval, heart, round, square and triangular. All of these shapes can be beautiful, but one is ideal: oval. No matter what shaped face you have, achieving the perfect look involves picking the right cut or short hair style that will make your face appear more oval.

To do this, you and your stylists can try different variations of popular short hair styles to compliment your individual features. For example: If you have a round face shape, you can still wear your favorite short hair style as long as you bring some hair forward on your cheekbones and wear a little height in the bang to give your face the illusion that it is oval.
The bottom line is that a shorter style is not for just a few who have been blessed with perfectly proportioned features. With the right short hair style, you too can sport trendy sexy cropped locks that will be guaranteed to turn a few heads.

Wedding Hair Style - Achieve the Perfect Beautiful, But Formal Look

With formal hairstyling trends taking a step back from the rigidly crafted styles of yesterday, today's wedding hair styles are free, natural and a great deal easier to attain than they were a few years ago. But even though this is true, the bridal hair style is probably the most important style that you are going to choose for quite a while so it is best served by a little research and practice before the big day.
On your wedding day, hundreds of eyes will be on you, and your chosen bridal hairstyle can either complete the picture or detract from it. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect formal hairstyle well in advance of the big day so that you and your stylist can get it right and make custom additions to your hair. Nothing is worse than a hastily crafted coif decided upon only minutes before the ceremony.

You can begin your search for the perfect bridal (and bridesmaid) hair styles by browsing through style books that highlight formal updos and popular wedding styles. While looking, keep in mind the style of dress that you have selected and choose hairdos that compliment the style, era and cut of the dress. The same thing goes for your bridesmaids dresses.
Another important thing to consider when choosing bridal hair styles are the styles, lengths and textures of the bridal party's hair. For example: if every member of the bridal party save one has short hair, selecting a French Twist as your only bridesmaid hairstyle would not be very feasible. But you could do a French Twist on the one member with long hair and select different styles for the rest of the party as long as it doesn't bother you that everyone is not going to look identical.
When it comes to coordinating the hairstyles for your wedding party, you do not have to choose cookie-cutter styles for each member of the party. Look instead at styles that compliment each member's personality, facial structure and hair texture. Let your wedding party members have some say in how they would like to wear their hair and set some practical guidelines such as whether or not the bridesmaids' hair should be pinned up off of the neck or allowed to flow free down the back.

Then, coordinate the individual hair styles by using matching accessories and placing them in similar patterns on each member. These pointers apply for the bridal party only; the bride's hair style should set the bride apart from the others and be more intricate and beautiful than all other hair styles chosen by members of the wedding party.

Hot Short Hair Styles For 2010

It seems that early on, the year 2010 is again witnessing the grand comeback of shorter designs. It is once again invading the fashion scene, the result of which you can see so many people (famous or otherwise) sporting much shorter hair than what they - or the people around them - are used to.
And as these popular new "dos" made their way to the Internet, a lot of women are beginning to realize how much more convenient it is to have short locks; perhaps because besides being trendy, short hairstyles are easy to manage. The big plus is - it looks so sexy and is definitely IN.

If you imagine that shortened cuts simply imply a single specific cut or length, you can start rethinking now.
There are actually three categories by which you can classify short hair:
  • super short
  • jaw length
  • and chin length short hair styles.
The versatility of these styles goes well with added color and the chic and feminine effect is simply amazing. You'll know what I mean when you go over these hot short hair styles for 2010.
The Bob
This is one of the hottest items in the hot short hair styles for 2010 list. Bobs are so versatile it suits every shape of face. If your face is round, you can go for the longer cut. The effect is stunning because it elongates your face just a wee bit; and give it a slimmer look.
Do you have straight hair? Then Bob is ideal for you. To achieve that that appealing combination of girl-street-urchin-boyish, face hugging outcome, make sure that the longest strand of hair is just about one inch above the chin. If your texture tends to be on the wavy side, you will have to use a good straightener to achieve the desired effect because the Bob requires the hair to be very, very straight.
If you have very fine tresses, try blunt Bob as it will make volume seem thicker. Ask your stylist to create a few bangs and provide a blunted line just right above your brows. Watch that you don't get a more severe fringe because it can sharpen the overall appearance. Have a trim every six months and keep it in shape. You can always use a flat iron after you blow-dry.
Overall this design does not require long hours to manage and style. A simple blow dry and brushing (or combing) is so quick it only takes about 20 minutes or so, and you're done! Although the upkeep is quite minimal, you do still have to visit the hair salon at least once a month to ensure that the glow and enhanced appearance of your hair stays that way.
The Pixie
This hot short hair style for 2010, also known as "pixie cut" is trendy and on the rise this year. Its a distinct cut is named after a fabled mythology creature. It can only be achieved by trimming the hair very thinly alongside the ears; choppy layers are then snipped on the crown and the nape. This usually goes well with bangs or fringes swept to the side, which may be either short or long depending on preference.
Its not exactly a requirement but this type of hair style looks more fantastic on women with flawless skin. Acne and uneven skin tend to get more obvious as exposes the face and shows off the skin with the "open-face" style. It also looks better on heart-shaped face.
There are two ways you can go about this style.

Many women opt for the sleek and straight look, keeping the cut simply flat and make use of shine serums for extra gleam and enhanced body. Others choose a more natural air, letting their hair show its true texture sometimes with curls or waves.
For look enhancement, wax or gel is used to get the favored look. Whichever type of pixie cut you finally decide to have; they are both considered gorgeous, properly and appropriately styled. Another plus factor: it is a low-upkeep hair style that you can easily fix yourself; perfect for women on the go because of its manageability. However, it's not as convenient as bob hair in that it still requires styling, albeit minimal. You need put some hair product for pixie cut to really show off how much of a hot short hair style for 2010 it is.
Everything considered, this is one great shortened style to pick; still, ask yourself a million times if you really want to parade the "do" because once you decide to crop that long or medium length hair, it's going to take some time before it grows back!
Razored Punk
This is much more casual than the others. It is cropped so close to the sides while leaving longer strands of hair at the top, so that it gives an "edgy" touch to the style. You can get creative and do your own styles with the help of some extra mousse to hold it - you can even flaunt that "wild" look you've been dreaming to don! You can have any shape you want depending on what hair product you apply. One interesting styling option that those who are not much into punk look may prefer is the messy razored style. Some not-so-young women favor this style as it provides a youthful look.

Edgy Short Hair Styles
Don't confuse this with the razored punk. The most edgy versions of this hair style are slashed asymmetrically or cut in strong geometrical lines and goes well with bright colors. Because of its uniqueness, it seems to carry a personality of its own. Your hair needs to be really, really straight with this style though. Natural curls may work but will require a very meticulous cutting to achieve the desired effect. With just a little amount of styling products and a tweak here and there; you're good to go!
Just like the old adage say, your hair is your crowning glory. So make a smart, ingenious choice before you get the style you think will suit you. Because there's no going back once you cut your hair; not for a few years, anyway. But considering that hot short hairstyles for 2010 are the in thing today; they may just be the kind of perk you need to look sizzling HOT!

Looking for New Hair Styles or a Completely Different Look?

When it comes to hair styles, there are so many different options today to make changes. You can change your color, add highlights, add bangs, add layering and even add length or thickness with hair extensions. Makeovers are becoming more and more popular as television shows such as ABC's Extreme Makeover outline how a makeover is done and drastic changes that can be done.

Hair stylist, Gia Wood of Salon D in Dallas, Texas specializes in makeovers and hair extensions and is considered Dallas' makeover specialist. She has hundreds of clients locally and many clients that fly or drive in to Dallas for her services. One of her clients flies all the way from Spain just to get her hair done. Gia says, "I find that clients who are willing to drive or fly that far just to get their hair done are the biggest compliment and the proof of my success."
So what is this makeover fuss all about? Gia explains that most of her clients have either been the victim of an inexperienced stylist or have simply not thought enough about the change in hairstyle they wanted and they are now stuck with something they hate. Gia adds, "Most of my makeovers include color correction, which can be highlights, color, gloss or all of the above. Makeovers also include a haircut and style, along with makeup application. The total process can take around 4 hours to complete."

Gia says, "When dealing with color correction, the first thing every client asks me is ' damaged will my hair be after a color correction?'" Believe it or not, color correction is not as damaging as it used to be. The old way of stripping hair color out with bleach is history. Modern day products allow hair stylists to remove 'artificial pigment' only, meaning that it will not open, damage, or split the cuticle of the hair in any way. This allows hairdressers to remove the most intense colors from hair, and allow it to be re-colored in the same appointment time."
Gia will also offer suggestions for change in color and style to fix any problems a client reports with their hair. "For example, if a client has a brassy blonde color, I will suggest a bleach highlight or an ash toner to offset the brass color." She explains.
Getting a successful makeover depends on the experience of the stylist. Gia further explains, "My previous clients and even new clients trust my experience level and let me do what ever I feel like with their hair. Most of the time when I'm doing a makeover, I am usually correcting another stylist's color or haircut. I usually ask my clients what or who they would like to look like and to give a firm example of what they like and don't like. And, even if a client loves the way her hair looks, they may be looking for a change to further improve their hair style."

Photos of styles the client likes are very helpful to hair stylists. Gia adds, "Clients and stylists have different vocabularies. For example, Bangs. There are a thousand ways to wear bangs." Gia recommends bringing at least three photos of the hair style you want so your stylist does not get confused.
Gia also keeps a computer at her work station to look up hair styles online (such as a past hair style of a celebrity) if a client does not have photos or cannot remember certain styles they like. The computer eliminates the need for bulky portfolio books.
"Once the client and I have decided on a style and color," Gia explains, "We discuss what it will take to get the clients hair to that hair style." Most of the time the exact cut and color are achieved in one day. But Gia mentions that some clients that are growing their hair out may take several months and appointments to reach their overall goal. Human hair extensions (human hair extensions are attached directly to the natural hair) are also an option for clients that don't want to wait for their hair to grow out.

Many before and after photo examples of makeovers, including hair extensions can be seen for your reference. Gia is quickly becoming the talk of the town with recent appearances on the television show "Austin Nights" (Segment can be viewed on her website) for her hair extensions services. She was also interviewed for the Number One best selling E-book by Hair Resources, 2005's Most Popular Hair Extensions and participated as a Judge in their Nationwide Bridal Hair Style Contest.
In short, if you are sick and tired of your hair style and need a makeover, a trip to visit Gia Wood at Salon D in Dallas, Texas may well be worth your time, money...and happiness!

How to Style My Hair - 7 Tips to Hair Styling

Our hair is the most noticeable part of our body because it gives your face a distinct look depending on your hair style. We can easily change our looks by having a different hair style. How to style my hair? That is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair styling. Important reminders to remember when styling your hair are very simple and very easy to follow.

Tip 1
The first thing to do in styling your hair is to prepare the products that you will need in styling. You may need the following things: - pomade, hair dryer, flat iron, curl iron, mousse and round brushes (large and small ones).
Tip 2
You must know what type of hair style you want for your hair. Magazines and pictures of hair styles can be a big help.
Tip 3
The most effective time to start styling your hair is after taking a shower or after rinsing your hair. While your hair is still wet, it is very easy to style it because as you blow dry your hair it is more manageable.
Tip 4
If your aim is having straight hair, I recommended that you use a flat iron while brushing it with a round brush. The CHI is a very effective tool to use in straightening your hair.
Tip 5
While brushing your hair, don't forget to do it in an inward motion (twisting the brush inward/downward) to avoid frizzies and fly aways.
Tip 6
If your aim is something more stylish, you can use pomade or mousse to get the best results. Styling your hair in layers is very effective, it may take a little bit longer for you but it will have a good result based on the time you put into it. Styling by layers while applying pomade or mousse will create a layered effect on your hair. Do some small flips in your hair by doing this. It will create a natural effect on your hair style and it will make your look face younger.

Tip 7
Just in case you have curly hair, it is important that you shampoo your hair before starting to style it. Your hair will be smoother and softer which will be easier to style. In styling curly hair, you should follow the wave of your hair and do not force it into a style that it doesn't adapt to. Forcing it into a style that is won't adapt to will create a haggard or odd look. At first the hair may adapt but as it stays longer it will curl back into its desired way to be styled. The best way is to follow its natural curl and there are a lot of ways on how to do that.
How to style your hair is very easy but can sometimes seem complicated. It can seem complicated because if you don't style your hair naturally you won't get the look you desire.
If you ask someone, "How should I style my hair?" You could get many possible answers. Styling your hair is something natural, it depends on how you like it to look... and each individual has unique tastes. The best thing to do is to follow these tips and reminders and modify them with your own taste and desire.


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