How Severe is Keratin Hair Treatment Dangers?
How do you want to have movie star hair? Do you think it possible? With our latest technology, nothing is impossible. Now you can, what you to dream, with hair keratin treatment. This is the latest fashion in hair straightening. What distinguishes this from other circuit materials and processes is that the Brazilian Keratin treatment, your hair healthy and shiny button. Any type of hair can undergo these treatments earlier weather straight hair, permed, dyed, bleached, curly, thinning hair. So that the hair is stronger, healthier and silkier.

Although keratin hair treatment dangers ensure that no use of chemicals in these treatments, but there is no truth in this statement as a chemical called formaldehyde used to hair straight and smooth. Keratin is only in changing the structure of the hair, but the rest of the work is done with formaldehyde involved. In addition to this, you will be surprised to learn that these chemicals are also used to cause cancer. This chemical is also used in other cosmetics such as, but strictly prohibited in the use of hair treatments.

We already know one thing, namely that Keratin is tough. Strong quality found in it the hair inside and out helps to improve. Keratin gently blends with the hair on his head. He brings the hair, which she was about to begin and what has been lost over the years. So if your hair dull, dry out or damaged and curly or kinky, you can help to tame it with the Keratin treatment. Keratin molecules penetrate the small hairs to increase the quality of the hair cortex and from the inside. Adds strength, elasticity and moisture in subtle effects, soft, shiny and straightened. Larger molecular layer of the hair cuticle and take damage as UV rays and smoke out of the hair while preventing further damage to the hair shaft.

First and foremost, the reputation of the beauty that you can help with your hair. You can pay money to fix this red, but it's better than completely bald. While rehabbing your hair, eat tons of protein and there will be many foods that you to be cozy up to, because you eat too much of them. Fish and poultry will be a big winner, and do everything you say to save your beauty, what of your hair left.

Although their health benefits, care surprisingly easy to find and use in the form of a kit home. Although keratin treatment takes two hours or longer, it is worth it, since the effect of keratin treatment usually lasts 3 months.


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