Bowl Cut

Standard Bowl cut hair to make the undercut. To plow away around the head is bowl upside  like the name of it. You will leave the hair is Drop like a cup or set a comb up to is as  an aptitude.

Bowl cut is a classic hairstyle that one. People popular cut this hair since year 1920. Before hairstyle was famous as an extreme in the era of The Beatles. Very popular in the 60's until the many young people cut hairstyle. Not only this year's 1980 bowl cut hair has become very influential in the field of fashion. But began to be modified. Features with Add gradient. Or make the bob side  or will modification is hairstyle short alley. While some people secretly sour by cutting them too short bangs than ever before. For hair that is currently popular among men and women. It looks good in every situation. Should be left to the a formal or set to handsome is looks good. If young people want to cut bowl hairstyle. How to just exploring face of themselves wide, long, oval. And then try to talk to your hairdresser that, face like this. Should cut  bowl cut by remainder hair the back and in front how long. Because of the length of the hair. The bowl cut is one of the variables with the faces of the girls at a certain level.

Emo Hairstyle

Emo hairstyle is hair comb is twisted close eye color, hair highlights, black or brown tones. There are some other highlights is a tuff using color such as red, orange, pink and cream with a black eye and red.

The word 'emo' has been described as one of a subset of hard-core punk.
Which has its origins in Washington, DC In the mid-80. The word 'emo' stands for Emotional Hardcore, focusing on live performance that focuses on emotions and feelings. However, unlike the hard-core. The dress of emo is black, use of color and then cut them both together. Want you to look at the emo kids is have fair skin and long hair.  Both men and women will make up the same. Is focused on providing a very white face.  Slide the  hair or curling hair is small for fluffy point  hair like the waste hair. From it etching hair color for soft most switch background color and highlights. Whisper sure that the pastel colors. The Pink - blue pink - blonde and gold - purple. Emo hairstyle for this if you want to for hairstyle very fluffy, would crush the hair over the top is the main. But who do this hairstyle. Get remind you that you have to take care of your hair well. Before you lose your hair is real.

If you disciples of emo is true  make sure  more than a hundred to cut emo hairstyle  this recommendation. Guarantee you are real emo of course.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Faux hawk hairstyle evolution of the Mohawk haircut that looks modern and  more simple superstar such as David Beckham

Faux hawk hairstyle is short hairstyle for men is not based on a haircut. However, depending on setting hair in the middle like a mohawk hairstyle with the gel.  Side and  behind the hairstyle cut  slightly short. The top of the head may be so long for me to set it standing straight up, some people make it straight up over seven inches high. You can customize it to your hairstyle with your hands. By the use of styling products. It use little time and easy. A person can have  hair make such as young, adolescent, male and female students. That haircut can be make at any age. You'll look great when you do this hairstyle. In addition, your hairstyle makes you look stylish cast is confident and polite. Many famous people. The actor, singer and athlete cut faux hawk hairstyle.

Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet hairstyle is retro  are unique to athletes, musicians in the past.

Short hair on the front and sides of the cylinder head and his long hair back. The word "cylinder" has been popular with Boys Beastie, the hip-hop of the United States. Mullet hairstyle begins to have some famous in the 1980s. In general, among those who play ice hockey  cut mullet hairstyle. And is very popular, even among soldiers in the east or west. The mullet hairstyle has spread popularity in Russia and many parts of Asia such as China and Thailand. The Islamic regime of Iran has issued new rules do not cut the mullet hairstyle to be consistent with Islam.

After watching a hair sample. You can cut the Mullet hairstyle.

Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Before, dreadlocks hairstyle for people who are poor. It was formed by nature. Caused by not cleaning. Is it that when people see it shall be construed as a hair, this is a poor man or a psychopath.

Nowadays there are many musicians. Many different actors have done this a lot more hair. Dreadlocks hair is originating from Jamaica. Found in the working class of black farmers in the year 1930. These people will respect the religion and philosophy that called Rasta. Dreadlocks hairstyle are fashion. Both men and women are doing dreadlocks hairstyle.Some people just do not know that the hairstyle Dreadlocks. It means nothing. But the comfort of their own to become more mainstream. Mostly long hair will make dreadlocks hairstyle easy and beautiful but time shampooing very cumbersome.  When you decide to do it. As I turn back to get pretty difficult. Because after I made ??it to be entangled. And difficult to resolve. Most of which I have waited so long and then cut the hair of Dreadlocks go all out at once.  It is quite difficult to maintain than normal hair. It must be kept clean. Have to sit by the shampoo and blow dry for a long time.

You need to think carefully before making dreadlocks hairstyle because it is not like a hair straightener or curling. It is the result of permanent hair loss may not be back to normal now. But for those who love it, but you do remember care to hair.


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